The Checklist
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Using the Checklist to Drive Your WorkflowThe Aisle Planner checklist was designed to make the planning process smoother and, in turn, your work days shorter.
🎥Customizing Your Checklist in Aisle PlannerWebinar Replay: We cover all the basics of customizing your checklist in this webinar replay!
Assigning Checklist ItemsAssigning tasks in Aisle Planner keep responsibilities clear & concise, so there's never a misunderstanding on who is responsible for what.
Can I Bulk Assign Checklist Tasks To My Client?
Editing Checklist Items & Tasks in a ProjectLearn how to add, delete, edit and reorder checklist items.
Reordering Checklist TasksDrag and Drop to order checklist items
Setting Due Dates & Automatic Reminders on Checklist ItemsDue dates and automated task reminders help you and your clients stay on track when it comes to getting things done on time.
Editing Checklist CategoriesLearn how to add, edit, delete and reorder checklist categories from your checklist.
🎥 Using the Comment Feature on Checklist Items to CollaborateEasily communicate with your clients using checklist comments!
The Benefits of Customizing Your Checklist with Checklist DetailsAs they say, "it's all in the details" - Learn how your clients benefit from customizing your checklist with details.
Using the Checklist to Make Month-of Coordination Easy and Stress Free9 Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Pitfalls of Month-of Wedding Planning / Wedding Day Management
Updating a Project's Checklist Due Dates when Changing an Event DateAutomatically updating a project's checklist due dates when changing an event date is literally a click away.