There are two ways that you can track RSVP's for your guests in Aisle Planner:

You can manually track RSVPS through Aisle Planner's guest manager.  

To enter in responses manually, head over to your Guest Manager in Aisle Planner, and use the drop down menu in the Response column to update each guest's response.  You'll find a Response column in both "Guest Parties" and "Individual Guests" views within the Guest Manager.

You can request guest RSVP's through our guest messaging feature within Aisle Planner's Guest Manager, which enables you to send each guest party an email with a request to online RSVP for all guests in their party, as well as submit meal selections and any additional information, such as food allergies and whether or not they need a highchair for their little one(s)!

Once guests respond online, the updates are automatically made to your guest list.

You can learn more about our online RSVP feature HERE.

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