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Why Accept Online Payments through Aisle Planner?
Why Accept Online Payments through Aisle Planner?

We make it simple to send professional, customized invoices. Get paid fast and manage everything in one place.

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In this modern world it's more important than ever to make it easy for clients to book and pay you. With online payments from Aisle Planner + Wedpay for US-based businesses and Stripe for Canadian-based businesses, you now have a simple and streamlined solution for managing invoices and accepting online payments in our all-in-one platform for business management and planning.

We Make Sending Invoices Easy
Set up and send an invoice in minutes. Product and service item templates as well as Invoice templates make it fast and easy to create and send invoices.

Clean & Beautiful Custom Invoices
Use your own logo and customize your invoice template to best fit your business.
Beautifully branded emails send digital invoices right to your customers’ inboxes, where they can pay securely with just a few clicks.

Your Clients Don't Need an Aisle Planner Account to Make a Payment.
Your customers can choose to pay via debit card, credit card or ACH.  They'll love how easy and secure it is to pay online.

Automated Payment Reminders & Transfers
If an invoice has multiple payments, such as a deposit and balance, we'll automatically send payment reminders on unpaid invoices for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. We'll notify you when an invoice has been paid and automatically transfer funds into your bank account.

Please Note: To apply for an online payment account, account holders must have verifiable US-based or Canada-based business bank account, business addresses, and tax ID.

Save Time
Easily organize, track, and manage a complete history of each invoice online. You can also send out reminders on unpaid invoices. 

Getting Started Is Easy
Fill out a merchant application in minutes.  We'll show you how to set up here

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