Thank you to the Aisle Planner community for your continued feedback and feature requests!  

Excited to share that we are currently working on the following feature enhancements and new features for our very next release.  Your suite of Aisle Planner tools are about to get a lot more powerful!

What's Next?

+Document Improvements

Soon, you'll be able to void a proposal or contract, as well as set expiration dates on quotes, proposals and contracts. 

+Invoice Improvements

Need to add service charge to specific line items and also calculate service charges as taxable on your invoices? Need to backdate a manual payment on an invoice or manually record a refund that you may have issued outside of Aisle Planner? You'll be able to do that soon with our next batch of updates! 

+New & Improved Video Tutorials in our Help Center

As our community of wedding professionals grow, we are always looking for better ways to serve and support you.  Our new and improved help center will give you easy (and fast) access to your most commonly asked questions, as well as brand new video tutorials and other support related content.

+Bug Fixes and Infrastructure Updates

We're always working to repair glitches and fix bugs.

What else is at the top of our list??

While our wishlist of new features and feature enhancements are quite long, here's a peek at what's at the very top of our list.  

+Mobile App 

That's right!  We're officially in production on our very first mobile app and we are beyond excited!

+Bundled Quotes, Contracts and Invoices

Our automated workflow features are starting to take shape as we build the foundation for what will change the way you plan forever.  We hope you're already enjoying the benefits of using our new lead auto-response feature (where you can automatically send more information to prospective clients) and merge fields in things like proposals and contracts, and our soon to be released email templates will be a game changer. 

While we work to build out the remaining automation bits, for now, you'll be able to create new lead checklist templates, add details and set deadlines and automatically add them into any lead record to be sure that you're checking all the boxes and nothing falls through the cracks with each new lead.  

Our next step?  Automating the process between an accepted quote, contract and invoice! 

+Questionnaires Within Projects

As wedding pros, we're always collecting important information to help us better serve our clients. While you can currently send electronic questionnaires from a lead record or the client tab within a project, you'll soon be able to add questionnaires to a project, where both you and the client can login and view and continually update to help make your planning process even easier. We are SO SO excited to bring questionnaires into the planning process. 

+Communication Records

With this update, you'll be able to keep better tabs on outbound communications with your clients (and what you wrote in them!)  

We'll also be including other enhancements to our activity log, such as showing specific dates (rather than general time frames) on any activity.

+Export leads & contacts to CSV 

Need to export your leads list and contacts library for whatever reason?  You'll have that ability soon (by popular request)

Stay tuned for more updates as we work to continually improve all of our features!!

We Welcome New Feature Requests & Feedback!

We're pretty lucky to have such a supportive and engaged community of wedding pros who are constantly sharing their feedback and honest opinions on what we can do better (and what's missing from our suite of tools!) 

We'd love to hear from you as well!  You can send feature requests and feedback to us through the messenger you see to the bottom right of this screen, or email us at

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