The team and I here at APHQ are always working towards improving our tools, so we're always excited to announce that each new feature release brings much needed (and highly requested) new features and updates!

Here's a list of our newest features:

+Layout & Guest Manager updates

+Email Templates

Being able to respond to and book new business as quickly as possible is key to your business’s success. To help make this process more efficient, we’ve added Email Templates!

You can now create custom email templates to correspond to every step in your booking and planning processes. Like our Documents templates, you can also include merge fields to capture information from your lead or client record automatically. This saves you time so you can turn your energy toward your clients’ experience working with you.

+More Customizable Lead Forms

Brand matters in the journey you create for your client, from the day you meet to the day of their event. That’s why we emphasize custom branding in every feature and tool we can here on Aisle Planner. With this update, we’ve added new opportunities to customize the layout of your Lead Contact Form, as well as the ability to include a redirect URL that can send your latest leads to your website, Facebook or any page following their submission.

+Document Updates

Keeping the details organized is one thing. Getting them down on paper clearly with signature(s) on the bottom line? That can make or break your business. With the addition of merge fields and input fields you can now build proposal, quote and contract templates that automatically capture information from your lead or client record or require client input to complete.

Being on brand through every detail is important. Especially when your clients are putting their trust in you to get their details right. We’ve given you the ability to edit the font, font size and color of your acceptance terms and initial areas in your proposals so your documents are on brand from start to finish.

Additionally, if you or your clients need more than one signature on documents, you can now add, edit and identify primary and secondary signers to documents in the Send Modal and send them out for signatures in multiple steps.

+Zapier Integration

We're officially in beta! Are you an experienced Zapier user and would like to join our beta program?  Click here to learn more.

+Bug Fixes and Infrastructure Updates

We're always working to repair glitches and fix bugs. In this release, we've fixed the issue of copying/pasting in notes and documents (they should no longer paste to the very bottom of your note or document) and uploaded images not saving in notes and documents (hallelujah!)

We've also fixed a few bugs regarding contact forms regarding submission errors, among a few other things!

P.S. Thank you to our wonderful community of wedding pros -  your continual feedback and feature requests (not to mention the occasional complaint!) have made our latest release possible!

Want to see what we're working on next?  You can check out our short list of what's in process here

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