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What's New in Aisle Planner?
What's New in Aisle Planner?

New features, product updates and upcoming release information!

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The team here at APHQ is actively working towards improving our suite of tools, so we're excited to announce that each new feature release brings much needed (and highly requested) new features and updates! With continuous improvements always in the works, we will keep this page updated with our latest releases.

Last updated on Sept 12, 2023

Heads up!

On October 3rd (date subject to change), we will be introducing a new note editor to our notes and note templates feature. While we are SUPER excited for all the added functionality this update will bring, there are a handful of very important things we wanted to note:

Migrating Existing Notes

We've tested extensively to ensure that existing notes will successfully migrate into our new note editor. However, there may be edge cases where your unique note content may not migrate correctly. After the update, we recommend that you take a quick look at your notes and note templates to be sure your notes are still good to go and touch up as needed.

Your Notes Will Look A Little Different

Because we're introducing a new interface with added functionality, you can expect things to look a little different, but we hope you'll agree it's for the better - our intention is to elevate the look and feel of each tool while incorporating new features our community has been asking for as we continue to roll out design updates throughout our platform. After this update, we recommend that you take a quick look at your notes and note templates to be sure your notes still look great and touch up as needed.

Updates to How Note Headings Work

After this release, note headings (when enabled) will ONLY include your company logo and will no longer follow print branding specs for headings and will no longer include project name, project date and additional line items. This provides more flexibility on how you present and introduce your notes to your clients and planning partners and also aligns our notes more closely with what you'd expect for other best-in-class documents, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but with added functionality.

If your existing notes have heading information, such as note title, project name and event date, this will migrate to standard text within the editor, so that you can edit and adjust as needed. Otherwise, if you'd like this information shown, you'll need to build that into your content for each note, just as you would in a Microsoft word or Google doc.

Updates to Our Default Font & Other Font Changes

The default font for all notes within projects and note templates will change from "Open Sans" to "Montserrat" for a cleaner look and easier readability. We will also be adding 11 custom fonts (for a total of 18 fonts) for you to choose from. New fonts will include:

  • Calibri

  • Cambria

  • Comfortaa

  • Dancing Script

  • EB Garamond

  • Helvetica

  • Lexend

  • Montserrat

  • Roboto

  • Spectral

  • Syncopate

Meanwhile, we'll be retiring the following fonts, and any text currently using these fonts will revert to Montserrat.

  • Andale Mono

  • Symbol

  • Tahoma

Updates to Our List Options

We'll be retiring Lower/Upper Alpha, Lower Greek and Lower/Upper Roman from our numbered list options. If an existing note is currently using one of these formats, it will be reverted to our standard numbered list format - BUT to avoid any surprises, we recommend updating them to a numbered list BEFORE September 18th.

Other Updates 🎉

While all current primary functions for our note editor will remain the same, we are thrilled to share some of the new features you can look forward to:

  • Creating clickable checklists within a note

  • Video embeds

  • Visual page breaks

  • A new and improved color picker for fonts and highlights

  • Improved table functionality

  • A new (and much easier) note sharing experience

Updates to Note Templates

We're also making a few changes to note templates so that the note editor, note index, and note templates are all in sync. After this update, you'll also be able to:

  • Create (and view) shortcuts as templates

  • Manage cover images for both note templates and shortcut templates

  • Collapse and expand note template folders

  • Take more actions from the note template index page, without having to click into each note template to make simple updates, such as renaming a note, checking/changing restrictions and duplicating.

We know you're going to love these updates! ❤️

✅ Latest Releases

  • My Account Updates: Beyond visual updates for a more streamlined experience, we've updated your user preferences page to help you better understand and manage your default notifications. Updates to your subscriptions & billing page will make it easier to understand your subscription and provide more insight on your current plan and upcoming billing cycle. On your user profile page, we've made it easier to update and crop/adjust your user profile image.

  • Email templates: We've added the option for you to select any email template from anywhere you're sending an email from within Aisle Planner. Previously, you were only able to see templates assigned to a specific area in our tools, so this update provides more flexibility to mix and match your templates.

  • Layout Editor Updates: We've added a shortcut to quickly adjust your layout to "Fit to Page" in both the layout editor and layout downloads. Check it out here! 👀

  • Timeline Updates: We've removed delete and clear timeline options from filtered timeline views to help our users avoid accidentally deleting or clearing a timeline. You can still delete or clear a timeline from the main timeline.

  • Premium Marketplace Listings: Now included in all Aisle Planner subscriptions, premium listings empower you to better showcase your business with new video portfolios and link your custom contact forms to make it easier for prospective customers to kick off the inquiry process.

🎉 Upcoming Releases

  • 📝 A Brand New Note Editor: We're introducing a fresh new look to our notes tool and a new and more modern note editor that's chalk full of improved options and added features, including checkboxes, page breaks, horizontal lines, video embeds, additional font options and more. We'll also be adding AUTO SAVE, which we know has been a huge request from our community. We think you'll love our new color picker experience as well!

  • 📓 An Updated Note Template Manager: You'll soon be able to add/edit shortcuts and cover images to note templates. You'll also be able to duplicate templates and edit things like template names, cover images and restrictions, from the template index without having to click into each template to make these changes. We'll also be adding the new note editor to note templates as well.

  • ✉️ A New Note Sharing Experience: An improved "studio share" experience makes it easier to share notes, style guides and color palette bundles from the notes tool within each project. You'll also be able to grab a quick link to share any single note within a project.

  • ⬇️ A New Download PDF Option for Notes: By popular request, we'll be adding a new download to PDF option for notes to minimize the number of clicks (and time) it takes to grab a PDF and get on with your day.

  • Times in Timeline Templates: Also by popular request, you'll soon have the option to add specific times and timeframes to timelines at the template level.

  • 💌 More Organized Email Templates: Soon you'll be able to organize all your email templates in custom folders, making it easier to find the right email template you're looking for when sending emails.

  • 🧾 Merge Fields for Quotes/Quote Templates and Invoices/Invoice Templates: You'll all been asking for this feature, and we're so excited this is coming soon!

  • 💵 A New Way to Offset Processing Fees for Online Payments: Later this year we'll be introducing the option to apply a Platform fee to Credit/debit card or ACH payments accepted through Wedpay, which gives you the opportunity for huge cost savings and improve your bottom line.

  • 🗓️ Two Way Calendar Syncing: Sync your Google, Apple or Microsoft calendar with your Aisle Planner calendars and vice versa for better calendar visibility.

  • 📅 Scheduling Tool: Our new integrated scheduling tool will make scheduling calls, meetings and other events a breeze.

  • 💌 New Rich Text Options for emails and email templates: Add a little extra to those emails, including bold, italics, underline and linked text options.

  • 🐞Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Updates: We're constantly making small updates and fixing reported bugs to improve the Aisle Planner experience for both you and your clients.

✅ Previous Releases

  • Layout Download Updates: You now have the option to adjust your print view include guest names on layout downloads/prints! Check it out here! 👀

  • Delete Confirmations: We've updated the delete confirmation on our notes index to make it harder for users to "accidentally" delete a note. Now, when deleting a note, you'll have to reconfirm by typing in DELETE. We'll be adding this safeguard feature to note templates as well in an upcoming release.

  • Saving Project Layouts as Templates: You can now save any layout from within a project as a template. Learn more here.

  • Saving Project Notes (with cover images) as Templates: When you now save a note from a project as a template, it will also save the cover image with it!

  • Guest Manager RSVP Summary Download: We've added this new download to help you better manage guest responses.

  • Visual Improvements for Timelines: We've cleaned up bulleted and numbered lists for easier readability.

  • Project Planning Partner Page Updates: We've made planning partner email addresses visible and also added a shortcut that enables you to easily copy email addresses to your clipboard. Members of your org can now add custom roles to other org members on a project for helpful reference.

  • Guest Messaging Email Updates: We've updated the email header on all guest messages (including RSVP confirmation emails) to feature the project (or event) cover image and name. We've also removed your pro logo and footer from guest messages to allow the focus to remain on the wedding, event or project at hand.

  • Note Shortcuts: We've expanded our notebook capabilities within each project to support shortcuts that help you link assets and resources from anywhere on the world wide web. Learn more here.

  • A New Note Index: We hope you love our new note index that includes a new and more modern interface with added features, including the ability to organize your notes by drag and drop into customizable sections and the option to add/edit cover images. We've also added a new list view and introduced shortcuts for each note to accomplish things like duplicate, save as template, adjust restrictions, rename and edit cover images with less clicks. Lastly, our new search feature helps users find notes by title. Learn more here.

  • Note Template Folders: To help you stay more organized, we've added the ability to organize your note templates by folder.

  • New Pause Subscription Feature: You can now pause your Aisle Planner subscription for up to 90 days at a time - supporting our working mamas on maternity leave and those accounts that just need a little time off!

  • New Lead Setting Shortcuts: We've added the ability to customize your booking process and update lead assignments and notifications, right from your lead manager.

  • Annual Subscriptions: By popular request, we've added annual plans for Aisle Planner subscriptions. Save 10% on any annual plan!

  • Clearing Timelines: We added the option to clear out an entire timeline, so you don't need to delete each item one by one to start over from scratch.

  • Uploading Files for Notes: You can now upload files, such as PDFs, into notes.

  • Budget Spreadsheet Downloads: We've added the ability to download the budget from a project as a spreadsheet as a second option to the existing PDF download.

  • A New Project Index: A new and more modern interface for both grid and list views includes added features, such as project search, adjusting/cropping cover images, and the option to show or hide certain visible fields, such as service type, venue/location, and project lead. New filters and view options allow you to adjust your views to suit your needs. You can also filter by project lead and sort by date and project name. Learn more here.

  • New Edit In Process Notes Lock: We implemented a new locking feature that prevents two users from editing a note at the same time, which could result in note content loss.

Feedback & Feature Requests

We are pretty lucky to have such a supportive and engaged community of wedding pros who are constantly sharing their feedback and honest opinions on what we can do better. We'd love to hear from you as well!

You can send feature requests and feedback to us through our messenger, available to all pro users once they are logged into their account. Learn how to access our messenger here.

We Love Our Community

You're the inspiration behind everything we do.

Thank you for your incredible support!

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