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Assigning Checklist Items

Assigning tasks in Aisle Planner keep responsibilities clear & concise, so there's never a misunderstanding on who is responsible for what.

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You can assign checklist items/tasks to anyone who has been added to that specific project, even if they've been invited to the project, but haven't yet created their adjoining account.

To assign a task, click on the checklist item to open additional menu options, then select the person(s) responsible from the drop down menu under ADD ASSIGNMENT

Pro Tip: You can assign a task to multiple people if you need to.  

Things to Note:  With our default notifications, the person (or persons) assigned (if they’ve created their adjoining account) to this task will receive a notification that a task has been assigned to them, and it will also appear in their ASSIGNMENTS OVERVIEW page in the order in which their tasks have been assigned. The person designated as the project lead will also receive a notification once they’ve marked this task as complete.

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