In this webinar, we talk about how to introduce your clients to Aisle Planner and helping them experience the value of having their very own online planning portal. 

Don't have time to watch the entire webinar?  Here's some helpful shortcuts:

2:30 - First Impressions - Ways to Introduce Your Clients to Aisle Planner before they've even booked you

3:33 - Working Aisle Planner into your marketing and pre-booking approach to encourage clients to book you (and some great examples!)

8:50 - Sharing how your clients benefit from working with you with a Client Login page

10:00 - Making a great first impression - sharing more information with perspective clients about you and your services with Aisle Planner's brochure feature - the first real experience your clients have with your client portal. 

15:18 - How to prep your couple's project in Aisle Planner before inviting couples in to help your clients get excited about using Aisle Planner (and introducing them to Aisle Planner) - it just takes a LITTLE bit of guidance!

28:20 - Sharing a welcome letter note with your clients. 

34:24 - Encouraging your clients to continue using AP throughout the entire planning process

37:30 - Giving your clients a tour of AP

- Adjusting Client Access, Privacy & Permissions

Setting Everyone Up For Success - tips to make getting started easy

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