Creative Ways to Use Aisle Planner's Notes Feature

Here are some helpful notes you might consider creating for every project, wedding or event in Aisle Planner

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Aisle Planner's notebook, which you'll find in each and every project, is the perfect place to keep everything from meeting notes, packing lists, creative ideas, floral RFP's, links to resources across the web and more. Create them ALL in Aisle Planner and benefit from having everything in ONE place - so you’ll always know where to find what you need, and your team and clients can easily access them to stay updated and add their own notes and shortcuts as you plan.

Need some ideas? We got you covered! Scroll on below...

Ideas for Notes

Beyond general note taking and list making, we love to use Aisle Planner's Notebook feature to create helpful and proactive information and uniquely customized planning guides and worksheets for that ideal (and one-of-a-kind) client experience. Here's some ideas to help get you started!

  • What to Expect Throughout the Planning Process

  • Intro to Aisle Planner (check it out here!)

  • Preferred vendor list

  • Meeting Notes

  • Cake / Catering Tasting Notes

  • Design Detail Notes

  • Mood Boards (like this)

  • Planning Guide: Ceremony Guide (take a peek)

  • Planning Guide: Wedding Registry Guide

  • Planning Guide: Ceremony/First Dance Song Recommendations

  • Planning Guide: Cake 101

  • Planning Guide: Invitation Etiquette

  • Planning Guide: Destination Guide (hotels, accommodations, activities, etc.)

  • Planning Guide: Gratuity Cheat Sheet (check it)

  • Planning Guide: Wedding Insurance Information (you never know)

  • Planning Guide: Marriage License Information (guides like these are always helpful)

  • Planning Worksheet: Floral needs list (or Floral RFP)

  • Planning Worksheet: Bar & Beverage Worksheet (like this one)

  • Planning Worksheets: Song Lists for the DJ

  • Planning Worksheets: Shot lists for the Photographer

  • Packing List (never forget a thing)

  • Production Lists, Set up Checklists & Strike Lists (keep your sanity in check on event days)

Ideas for Shortcuts

We love that shortcuts are an easy way to link planning resources outside of Aisle Planner to keep everything organized and in one place. Here's some fun ways we like to make the most out of this new notebook feature!

  • Link to your client's Pinterest board

  • Link to your calendar scheduler (such as Calendly) to make it easy for clients to schedule calls with you

  • Link to google docs or google spreadsheets

  • Link to planning videos, tutorial videos or even pre-recorded site/venue tours

  • Link to helpful planning articles or blog posts on your website

  • Link to an intro to Aisle Planner video

  • Link to Wedding Registries

  • Link to social media

Need more inspiration?

Here's some excerpts from our very own notebooks to help get you started:

Welcome Note / Planning Process Overview

Intro To Aisle Planner

Ceremony Guide

Ceremony Details Worksheet

Vendor Gratuity Guide

Bar & Beverage Menu Worksheet

Invitation Etiquette Guide

Design Inspiration or Mood Boards

Marriage License Information

Packing List for the Event Day

Wedding Insurance Information

Wedding Registry Guide

Destination/Travel Guides

Destination Wedding Packing List Ideas (just for fun!)

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