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As wedding pros ourselves, we've created some really great note templates that has helped our own businesses - here's our list!

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Here's what's on our list of important note templates you should consider building in your Aisle Planner account so that you can quickly and easily bring them into each project as needed!

Client Welcome Note

The best planning experience for both a wedding pro AND their clients happens when there's a well laid plan in place and everyone knows and understands what to expect throughout the entire process. 

How you welcome your clients and officially introduce them into your planning process - whether you're a planner, a floral designer, a photographer or a DJ - can set the tone for the planning ahead and can play a key role in laying the foundation for a good client experience that will have your clients RAVING about your service (and referring you to their circle of friends). 

While you might provide a physical welcome kit or folder to your new clients, it's always a good idea to have this handy and readily available within their account so that they can refer to it at any time.  

Here's some pieces of information that we like to include in our welcome notes:

  • A short welcome 

  • Your contact information (address, phone & email) and contact information for anyone else that your clients will be working with

  • Your preferred method of communication

  • Office hours & appointments

  • Overview of your planning process

  • An introduction to any tools you'll be using to collaborate (Aisle Planner)

Here's some tips:

  • Make it personal - don't be afraid to let your personality shine!

  • Include a custom header to dress up your note template (you can always remove your default company heading)

  • Include your signature at the bottom for a nice personal touch (just add it as an image!)  

  • If you already have a well designed welcome document or have already created a welcome kit in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva or other design tool, take screenshots of each page, and upload them as images to create a welcome note template.

An Intro to Aisle Planner

Planning can be a lot to begin with, and adding technology into the mix can be a bit overwhelming at first, but we've found that taking the time to introduce your clients to the tools and explaining the benefits and your process with the tools can make what seems like a scary beast a piece of cake.    

Creating a note template specifically designed to introduce your clients to Aisle Planner (or whatever you want to call it, whether it be your "client lounge" or "planning portal") can make the difference between a client who never uses the tools and a client who benefits from making the most of the tools available to them through your service, even if you're just using SOME of the tools (or just giving them access to a few of the tools) to plan their big day.  

Here's some ideas of what to include:

  • Let your clients know what you're using it for and why

  • Share with them the value that it brings to them and your service

  • Introduce the key features 

  • If your client is tech adverse or has a schedule that doesn't allow them to check in online on a regular basis, let them know that it's okay, point out some of the key features that they should focus on making the most of, such as the checklist (to stay on track) or guest manager (to make it easier for you to collaborate on all things relating to the guest list).

  • Get creative! Include a link to your own short video walk through of key features and welcome them into their new client lounge to officially kick off the planning process!!

Planning or Resource Guides

As experts in our field, we each hold a wealth of knowledge that our clients can can benefit from throughout their time working with us. All we need to do is put it out there!  Turning our knowledge into usable resources for our clients not only adds to their client experience, but also showcases our expertise (rather than sending them to other online resources) and can save us a ton of time in the long run.

Here's some ideas for planning or resource guides:

  • If you're a stationery designer, create note templates for font choices, invitation wording examples and a guide for envelope addressing etiquette

  • If you're a photographer, create a guide to help your couples look their best on their wedding day

  • If you're an officiant, create a ceremony guide that includes processional and recessional information, information on obtaining a marriage license and a resource guide filled with ideas and samples to help couples write their wedding vows

  • If you're an event or wedding planner, create all of the above, and don't forget the following: a vendor tipping guide, suggest ceremony or first dance song lists, a wedding registry guide, wedding insurance guide and a destination guide (for those destination clients OR for out of town guests!)

Here's some tips:

  • Notice that each of your clients ask you the same question time and again?  Turn that into a note template!

  • Get creative - include an image or images when you can.

  • Customize your checklist to direct your clients to their NOTES tab for "more information" on the particular topic at hand.  

  • Spice it up a little - include a fun graphic to give your client an idea of what to pack in her bridal emergency kit OR have some fun and throw in a honeymoon packing guide.  

Planning Worksheets

Keep the information you gather from your clients perfectly organized and in your online notebook (not to mention streamline the information you gather and the process by which you gather important information) by creating planning worksheets.  

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Bar menu worksheets

  • Shopping & Packing lists (to track all the things you or your clients have purchased for their event)

  • Ceremony worksheets

  • Song & Music lists 

Blank Templates / Company Letterhead

Sometimes you just need a clean slate to start from, so consider creating a "blank" template as sort of a "letterhead" template, for your own unique needs.  

While each note template includes your custom branded header (which can be set up on your BRANDING center under PRINT BRANDING) we like to customize our notes templates even further by adding in a beautiful graphic header to all of our note templates. Creating a "blank" note template with JUST a custom heading allows me to use this template for whatever needs may arise, ready to go.  

We hope you've found these ideas helpful, we can't wait to see what kind of templates you create!!  

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