Adding or Removing a Cover Photo for Each Wedding or Project

Personalize the look & feel of your project index by uploading a cover photo for each project

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Adding a cover photo for each of your weddings or projects in Aisle Planner is a great way to personalize the look and feel of your project index. 

We personally love using our couple’s engagement photos for projects that are weddings, but you could use any photo that will help you visually recognize each project at a glance.  

To Add or Change A Cover Photo To An Existing Project

Hover over the project that you want to add, adjust or change the cover image for, and click on the gold SETTINGS link that appears on hover to open the Project Settings menu.

In the Project Settings modal, scroll down to the COVER PHOTO section. Drag and drop your image file into the gray box space in this section OR click on the BROWSE option to locate a file on your device.

❗️ Please note, to help keep image and page load times speedy, there is a 4mb limit for images.

Once you've uploaded your image, you'll be prompted to adjust and/or crop your image as needed.

To Remove An Existing Cover Image

Return to your Project Settings and click on the gold REMOVE CURRENT IMAGE that is shown just below your current cover photo.

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