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Sending Online RSVP Requests To Guests

Our Online RSVP feature makes it easy to request and follow up with guests by email.

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Aisle Planner's online RSVP feature enables you to quickly and easily send online RSVP requests or follow ups to your guest list.  Here's everything you need to know!

FYI: Important Things To Know

Before we dive in, here are a few things that you should do before sending an RSVP request to your guest list:

  • Make sure you have entered an email contact for each guest party in the guest manager

  • Set up a Wedding Website for the event if you want the RSVP page to pull the header image from it. If you don’t set one up, the RSVP page will pull the image you uploaded under “Settings”

  • Add locations, dates, and times to each of the events in the Guest Manager

  • Make sure each guest is marked with the events they are invited to. To quickly see which guests are invited to which event, click into the RSVP Summary page. If a guest is invited to the event, a white box will appear in the event column for that guest. If they are waitlisted or not invited, a light gray box will appear. Make note of which events these guests are not invited to, click on the event selector and then, ADD GUESTS to quickly choose the guests to add. 

  • Click into the guest record and mark guests as “out of town” in the contact information section of the guest record if you would ever want to just message out of town guests. To quickly do this, click into the guest record, scroll down to the Contact Information section and click the box next to “Out of Town” that you see in the middle of the screen

  • Add meal options to each event if you would like people to RSVP with that information. To quickly do this, select the event you want to add meal options to in the dropdown and click on the Event Info & Options You can add meal options at the bottom of the small window that opens

Sending An Online RSVP Request

To send an online rsvp request, click into a wedding and then on the Guests tab in the main menu. Now you’ll see two tabs just under your main menu: Guests and Messages. Click the new “Messages” option that you see. 

Next, click the New Guest Message button that you see in the upper left hand corner of your screen. A message screen will appear that defaults to an online rsvp message type. Set a reply by date and decide whether you want people to be able to rsvp after it (click the box next to “Allow Reply After Date”). 

The next step is to select which guests you want to send rsvp requests to. 

Note: Even if you select all of the options, each guest will receive an RSVP request that only includes events they are invited to.

Click New Message and additional detail options will appear.
Set your filters; the options are:

  • All guest

  • Confirmed guests only

  • Guests who have not responded

  • Out of town guests

Pro-tip: You can click on the View Recipient List button to see who will be receiving the RSVP request and spot check that all of the information looks correct. You'll also be able to spot any missing email addresses who won't receive your emailed request to RSVP

Customize your subject line and message and then click on the reCAPTCHA box to confirm your humanity – then you can click send!

How Your Guests Can Respond to an Online RSVP Request

Guests will receive an email requesting a response. When they open it and click on the RSVP button, they'll be directed to their unique RSVP page. 

Once there, they can note any food allergies, high chair needs, submit their RSVPs for the events they are invited to as well as make meal selections. They'll also receive a confirmation email once they have and they can update their RSVPs through the link that is included.

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