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Creating Custom Guest List Groups

Keep your guest list even more organized with custom guest groups

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While we start with default groups for the guest list that include Friends and Family for the couple, you can create as many custom groups as needed to stay organized. 

What are some of the reasons you may want to take the time to organize your guest into groups? You may want to balance the guest list equally between each family OR with the right intel about how you know each guest, it may be easier to seat guests at tables.

Visit the guest manager in Aisle Planner and click on the gold Manage Groups button towards the top left of your screen to open the Manage Groups modal.

Click on the gold + Add New link, then enter in the new Guest Group.

Once you've added new guest groups to your guest list, when you enter in guests into Aisle Planner's guest manager, you'll see these additional guest group options in the drop down menu.

You'll also see these new guest groups available for selection in the "Group" column that you'll see when your guest list is in View By "Guest Parties."

Once you've assigned groups to each guest party on your guest list, you can easily sort your guest list by Guest Group by clicking on the "Group" Column.  

We'll also display your guests by "Group" within the seating list, to help make it easier to assign guests to tables.  

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