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Tracking Immediate Family Members, Wedding Party or VIPS

How to track bridal party, immediate family members and other VIPS by assigning roles in the guest manager

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The easiest way to track which guests are members of the wedding party, immediate family members or VIPS is to assign them a Role in the guest list. 

Our guest list manager provides the option to select a ROLE for each guest who is a member of the wedding party (Best Man, Maid of Honor, etc.) or an immediate family member of the couple. We also include sponsor, greeter, ceremony reader and person responsible for gifts as role options (not to mention a long list of other role options for non-wedding events.)

If you’re looking at the guest list by individual, you’ll see a column where you can use the drop down menu to assign a ROLE to any guest.  If you don’t see the column for ROLE, click on the CHANGE VIEW and be sure that you haven’t hidden that column and that you’re viewing the guest list by individual (vs. by party.)

To print out this information, click on the gold arrow button on the top right of the page and select VIP GUESTS to download as a PDF, and then print.  We’ll also include any phone numbers and email addresses that you’ve included!

If you're tracking roles, we'll also include this information on all guest list report downloads, and we'll also show each guest's role (if assigned a role) in the Seating tool to help you assign guest seating.  

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