Get paid faster with invoicing and online payments with Aisle Planner. You can start sending invoices and accepting online payments today in four easy steps. 

Step 1:
Hop on over into your Settings tab, towards the top right of your pro dashboard and complete your business's general information here, including company address and additional contact information - we'll use this information to pre-populate your invoices so you won't need to enter it in every single time.

Step 2:
Click on the Banking tab, where you'll need to complete the online payments form so that we can verify your identity and connect your bank account to our online payment platform. To expedite the verification and approval process, please complete all fields. All fields are required for us to be able to verify your business. 

NOTE: For the ID upload, it's easiest to snap a picture of your license with your phone and upload it. The ID you upload must be:

  • Clear 
  • In Color 
  • Under 8MB in size 
  • In .png or .jpg format

 Account verification may take up to 5 business days, and we'll send you an email once your online payment account has been approved and is ready to go.

Step 3:
While you're waiting for your account to be verified, you can move onto creating your invoice template(s), so that once you're all set up to receive online payments, you can start sending invoices right away.

To create your first invoice template, click on the Templates tab within your Settings menu, then click on the Invoice option in the left hand column.  Then click on the gold ADD NEW button.  

Watch this video tutorial to get familiar with the basics:

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