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🎥 Turning An Accepted Quote Into An Invoice
🎥 Turning An Accepted Quote Into An Invoice

Once your client has accepted a quote, you can turn that quote into an invoice with just a few clicks.

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So you've submitted a quote to a client, AND they've accepted. What next?  Turn that quote into an invoice and send it off for quick online payment.  We'll walk you through the steps in this short tutorial:

*Please note: Some of the screens shown in this video have been updated and may look a little different, but we think you'll still find the information in this tutorial super helpful!

Prefer Written Instructions?  Here you go!  

Once a quote has been accepted, you'll receive both an email and in-app notification, with a link that takes you directly to the quote at hand.  

Before turning this quote into an invoice, we recommend giving it a quick once over, especially if you've provided your prospective client some options to chose from, to be sure that everything looks a-okay.

And when you're ready to turn this quote into an invoice, just click on the gold action button towards the top right of the screen and select the Create Invoice option.  As a side note - this option will only appear once a quote has been accepted. 

Be sure to do a quick review of your invoice, make any updates as needed, especially in areas such as the payment schedule and payment reminders, and then click that gold action button to publish and send this invoice along for online payment.

Accepting a Quote on Behalf of Your Client

We've all been there—You're in the middle of a smooth-sailing in-person consult and you've already created a quote for your soon-to-be client's approval. They give you the green light to move forward but sending the quote via email for them to open and sign would take painful (and probably pretty awkward) minutes while they take out their mobile device or the email...(yawn)...choose the quote options...and accept. Now you can accept on their behalf to move the booking process along faster so you get paid faster and get your NEW clients up and running. Learn how here! (P.S. Congratulations on nailing your consult, #Boss!)

Did you know you can auto-generate quote and invoice numbers?

Learn how here!

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