Adding Leads Into Your Lead Manager

Bring in new leads automatically into your lead manager

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There are two ways that leads can be added into your lead manager.  

You can add each lead manually, by clicking on the black Actions button towards the top right of your Lead Manager.

OR you can save yourself a ton of time and bring leads in automatically into your lead manager by setting up and linking our lead contact form to your website.

When a prospective client contacts you through either your contact form linked from your website (or elsewhere - get creative!), we’ll automatically (and immediately) send you an email notification, as well as an in-app notification so that you can get in touch right away. 

We’ll also create a new lead record within your lead manager, where you can easily access all the information provided by your lead, including how you can get in touch with them.

Want to learn more?

+ Learn more about downloading your leads here.

+ Learn more about setting up your lead contact form here.

Additional Perks

Your subscription includes Aisle Planner’s business management tools, there's a few added perks to help you stand out from the crowd, and book new clients quickly and easily. 

  • You’ll have the ability to set auto-responders and automatically send an email with more information on your services /brochures the minute a prospective client reaches out to you.

  • You'll also have the ability to easily send proposals, quotes and contracts directly through the lead manager from your Aisle Planner account. 

  • Once you’ve booked a new client, we also make it easy for you to send invoices and accept online payments.  

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