🎥 Uploading Your Guest List Into Aisle Planner

Already have your guest list in a spreadsheet? Learn how to upload your guest list here.

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You can import the guest list using an excel spreadsheet, however, you'll need to use one of our two templates that are formatted specifically in a way that our system knows how to read your data when uploading. 

Watch this short video for a quick "how-to" on uploading your guest list, then follow the steps below to ensure success!

To download the templates, visit your Guest tool, then click the gold Add Guests button on the top left, and then click the white Import Guest List button to open the Import Guest List Menu. 

Here you'll see two different Excel templates you can download and use - chose the template that best matches how your existing guest list is set up:

  • "By party" Template

  • "By Individual" Template

We realize that couples may build their templates either way, so we provide two options to make it easier to transfer (cut and paste) data into a format that can be easily uploaded. 

If your existing list has couples/households on each line, then it would be easiest for you to copy them over to the "By Party" Template.  If you listed every guest on their own line, you'll find the "By Individual" Template easiest. 

Once you've populated one of our two guest list templates and you're ready to upload them into Aisle Planner, return to the guest manager and click on the gold Add Guests button towards the top left of your screen and select the Import Guests option. 

This will open the Import Guest List menu, where you can click the BROWSE button to locate and upload your file OR drag and drop the guest list spreadsheet into the area provided.

Please note, because the system needs to understand how to read the template to properly populate fields in the guest manager, if there are any formatting errors OR the guest list columns do not match, the guest list upload won't work, and you'll be provided an error message, directing you what needs to be updated or fixed for the guest list to be properly imported.

Please take a moment to review the error message and then return to your spreadsheet to make the adjustments before trying to upload the guest list again.  

If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to us through the messenger to the bottom right of your screen, or by emailing us at customercare@aisleplanner.com - be sure to include your guest list template and the name of the wedding or event that you're attempting to upload the guest list to!

Important Tips for Uploading Guests Into Aisle Planner

  • The spreadsheet format for uploading is very particular, ie: you must include every column, exactly as listed, whether there is anything in it or not. If there is an extra column or a missing column, it won’t work. (We look forward to making this easier down the road!)

  • If your guest list includes each guest in their own row, be sure that you've added an "empty row" between each guest party so the system knows how to group guests together as a household/family. 

  • The system does not recognize duplicates, so it’s best to just upload once, and manually add any additions, or create a separate spreadsheet to upload additions.

  • Once your guests are uploaded into the system, it’s easy to add guests to other events that you may be tracking RSVP’s for, such as rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch. Just click the event (you’ll see a drop down menu towards the top of your guest manager) and then select the ADD GUEST button to the top left. All guests that haven’t already been added to that event will appear in list format, just click to add each guest.

  • We suggest downloading the templates in advance and sharing them with your client the minute you start working with them, so they can start to build their guest list in the right format from the start (or, you can encourage them to build their guest list right in Aisle Planner’s online guest manager!)

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