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Video Tutorial: Customize your lead status to personalize your booking process

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Never lose track of where you’re at in the process of converting a new lead to a booked client by customizing your sales process statuses to work for you and your business. 

To get started, head on over to your Lead Manager, located within the Sales tab and click on the black ACTIONS button toward the top right of your screen, then select the CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOOKING PROCESS option from the drop down menu.

From here you can fine tune your booking process by adding, editing or deleting each step. You can also specify which "statuses" appear in your CURRENT inbox in your Lead Manager. We'll also walk you through each step below!

*Please note: Some of the screens shown in this video have been updated and may look a little different, but we think you'll still find the information in this tutorial super helpful!

Adding & Placing A New Status

To add a new step in your booking process (or status as we like to call it), click on the gold Add New Status link toward the bottom left of your screen. You'll see a new status box appear in the top row, next to the NEW status. Type in the name of your new status here. If you want to rearrange this status, drag and drop to set it in place and click the black All Set button to return to your lead manager.

Specifying which statuses should appear in "current'

You can specify which statuses are shown in the “Current” tab that you land on when you first log in to your lead manager. The "Current" tab was designed to bring attention to any potential clients that are still actively in your sales and booking funnel who have not already booked or have been marked as lost.

This is especially helpful if you want to create additional statuses to help you better organize and track both unbooked and booked clients, such as archived or completed projects that are no longer in your sales funnel and therefore don't need to appear in the current status.

To specify which statuses should appear in current, simply check or uncheck the “Current” checkbox, located in the top left corner of each status box.

Please note - to remain compatible with our system, the “New” status will always be labeled “Current”, while the “Booked" status and “Lost" status are not considered “Current” statuses.

Editing The Name of An Existing Status

To edit the name of an existing status, just click on the status name to edit. To keep your booking process compatible with our system, you won't be able to edit the New, Booked and Lost Statuses.

Deleting A Status You No Longer Need 

To delete a status you no longer need, hover over the status you want to delete and click on the red delete icon. If you have leads assigned to the status you've deleted, you'll also be prompted to reassign those leads to an existing status so that they don't get lost in the shuffle.

Setting the Order Leads Will Flow Through Your Booking Process by Rearranging Each Status

Drag and drop to rearrange and set the order leads will flow your booking process. The only status that can't be moved is the “New” status - it will always be the first status of the booking process. Click the All Set button when you're done!

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