When a new lead is automatically dropped into your lead manager from one of your lead contact forms that you may have embedded on your website OR from your listing in Aisle Planner's The Aisle Guide marketplace, you have the option to specify who is automatically notified that a new lead is ready and waiting in your lead manager. 

While the owner of the account in Aisle Planner is set as the default to be notified, you can change this or add additional team members to receive new lead notifications.  

To get started, head on over to your Sales tab and follow these steps!

  1. Click on the black Actions button toward the top right of your screen

  2. Select Manage Lead Settings from the drop down menu to - this shortcut will take you to your Lead Settings.

  3. You'll see the Incoming Lead Notifications section towards the top.

  4. Next, click on the gold Manage Notifications button. 

Click to add a checkmark next to the names of any team members who should automatically receive new lead notifications.  These team members will receive new notifications via email and in-app through their notification center.

If you no longer wish to send automatic notifications for new leads to a team member, just click on their name to remove the checkmark. 

Pro Tip: While the steps above are a shortcut to your lead settings, you can also click into your business settings (by clicking on the cog icon toward the top right of your account) to access all your lead settings.

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