🎥 Starting a Layout By Uploading a Floor Plan

Upload your venue's floor plan to kick start your layout

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Starting A Layout
When you're ready to create your layout in a wedding or project in Aisle Planner, head on over to the Layout & Seating tab, where you'll be welcomed with a couple different options to get started:

If you have a floor plan from your venue that you'd like to upload and use as a backdrop to build a layout on, or if you would like to use a layout from your venue layout templates, select the Start with a Blank Canvas option.  

If you don't need to create a layout for whatever reason, you also have the option to just use our simple seating tool, where you can create table lists and arrange and accommodate your guests with easy drag and drop seating. If this is the case, select the Start with Simple Seating option.  Learn more about our simple seating feature here.

Starting Your Layout By Uploading a Floor Plan

Has the venue provided you a floor plan with accurate measurements? Upload your floor plan into your layout and set the scale to ensure your design fits perfectly within your event space. To get started, watch the video below, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions and some helpful tips:

  1. Select the Start with a Blank Canvas option and you'll be taken to your starting canvas. From there, click on the DRAW button and then IMAGE. You will be prompted to select your venue's floor plan from your computer's desktop. Supported file types include .jpg, .png and PDF files.

  2. Select the floor plan file and then click on the gold Open button to upload your floor plan.

  3. Next click on the floor plan image you just uploaded to select it (you'll notice that once selected, the image will be highlighted with a gold outline), and then head on over to the shape menu, and click on the gold Set Image Scale button.

  4. Next, to set the scale, follow the prompt to make a line between two points on the image. I like to set my measurements between each side of the main space that I'll be designing in, but if you have accurate measurements for other points on your layout, that works too. 

  5. Click to set the anchor point, and then click again to set the  end point for measurement.  Pro tip: hold down the shift key on your keyboard to draw a perfect horizontal or vertical line.

  6. Next, follow the prompt to enter in the distance between your two points and then click on the gold Set To Scale button and you're set.

Now that you've set the scale, you can begin designing your layout. An important thing to note: If you've already created a seating list prior to creating this layout, you'll find the tables you've already created in the Your Tables Menu in your Library. Use these tables to drag and drop into place to keep your tables and seating assignments synced between your layout and table list. You can always update the table type and adjust chairs as needed.

Here's some additional tips to make setting the scale on your layouts even easier:

Additional Tips:

Once you've set the scale on your image, depending on your measurements and the size of your browser window, the background you just uploaded may zoom in, zoom out or move off of your screen. Use this keyboard shortcut to reset your view:  Command + Shift + 9

If you make a mistake when setting the scale, just click on the image and delete it (you can delete any image or object you've selected by hitting the delete key on your keyboard), then use the Draw menu located towards the top left of your screen to upload your floor plan again by using the Add Image option, and then repeat the process to set the scale.

Using a Pre-Existing Layout from your Venue Library

Simply click on the Venues in the Properties/Library Panel on the right, find the venue template you would like to use either by scrolling down or entering search terms in the search bar, and then drag and drop your venue into place. 

Locking Your Venue's Floor Plan in Place

Once your venue's floor plan is scaled and set in place, we recommend locking it in place to minimize accidentally moving it around as you design your layout on top of it. To lock your uploaded floor plan, click to select your floor plan, and then lock it within the Shape menu. 

If you need to adjust or move your floor plan backdrop while it's locked, just double click to select it and move as needed.

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