Connecting Your Lead Contact Form To Your Facebook Page

Connect your Lead Contact Form to automatically drop new leads from Facebook into your lead manager.

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Did you know that you can connect your Lead Contact Form to Facebook page to automatically bring in any leads to your lead manager in Aisle Planner?  

We'll walk you through setting it all up here.

*Please Note:  To get started, you'll need two things - you'll need a business Facebook page and you'll need to create a contact form in Aisle Planner to link to, if you haven't already.  Learn more about creating your contact form in Aisle Planner here.

Login to your business Facebook page, and directly below your cover photo, click on the + Add a Button - which will open a menu of options (if you already have an existing button, hover over the button and select the Edit Button option from the drop down menu.)

Select the button option that best fits your needs, and then click Next

Next, click on Website Link and paste in your your unique link to your contact form. To locate your contact form URL, log in to your Aisle Planner account and click on Settings > Leads > Contact Forms, then click on the contact form you want to link your Facebook page to - you'll find the unique URL to your contact form page here. 

Copy and paste the URL, then click Save. 

Click Finish, and you should now see the Contact Us  (or a different button, depending on which option you chose) button directly beneath your cover photo on your Facebook page.

Finally, we recommend testing the connection to be sure you're set up properly. Hover over the button and click on the Test Button and confirm that you're taken to your Lead Contact Form. 

Need help setting up your contact form?  Learn more here.  Need personal assistance?  We can help! Contact us through the messenger towards the bottom right of your account!

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