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Questionnaires are a great way to collect any information to help you do what you do better! 

You can send questionnaires from within a lead record or from the client tab within any project. We'll walk you through the process in the steps below!

Step 1:

To send a questionnaire to a lead (and haven't yet created a project for them), click into their lead record and scroll down to the DOCUMENTS section and click on the "+" to choose which questionnaire template you would like to add in and send.

If you're sending a questionnaire to a client, click into their project from your pro dashboard, click the CLIENT tab, and scroll down to the DOCUMENTS section and click the "+" to choose which questionnaire template you would like to add in and send.

Pro Tip: If you don't see your questionnaires in the new document menu that appears, just scroll down in the window—you'll find your questionnaire templates towards the bottom! 

Step 2:

From there, you have the option to edit the name the questionnaire—we recommend at least including the client name for easy future reference.

Step 3:

Next, further customize the questionnaire (if needed) and then once your document is ready to go click on the gold action (arrow) button towards the top right of your screen, and then select the Send option from the drop down menu. From there, you'll want to personalize your subject line and message by either selecting an email template or writing an email from scratch. Double check your document viewers/signers and add, remove, make any adjustments as needed by clicking on Manage Recipients, then, hit send. 

Learn more about email templates here (link coming soon!)

Pro Tips:

You can send this questionnaire to multiple recipients by clicking on the gold Manage Document Viewers button and adding additional recipients there.

You can also chose the Start Without Sending option from the same menu if you'd prefer to type in the answers yourself, which is perfect for in-person meetings.  

Step 4:

Once you've sent a questionnaire, the recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to complete the questionnaire.

Step 5:

Once the recipient clicks through that link, they'll be taken to your questionnaire online, where they can complete it and submit it for your review.  

Step 6: 

Once they've submitted the questionnaire, you'll receive both an in-app notification and an emailed notification, both of which will include a link so that you can view the completed questionnaire.  

You can also view their answers by clicking directly back into the questionnaire from within the respective lead record or client tab within their project.

If You Sent This Questionnaire To Multiple Recipients

If you sent this document to multiple recipients, you'll see the option to toggle between each recipient's questionnaire to the right. You can also preview and print (which also provides a save to PDF option) each recipient's questionnaire here.  

Additional Updates to Responses

Once submitted, you can also update answers or fill in any blanks by clicking into any of the fields to edit, directly from the questionnaire in your account.

Additionally, clients can always return to the questionnaire via the emailed link you sent to fill in additional details or update details as needed. Please note: we'll only notify you of updates the first time a client submits a questionnaire—we'll be adding additional notifications in a future release!

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