Notifications help you keep tabs on what's happening on your account, and we offer notifications so that you're always in the loop - but sometimes you may not need to be notified of every little thing (and sometimes you might want to just minimize the noise), so we provide flexible options for batching, adjusting, or turning off certain notifications.  

Batching Notifications
If you feel like you're receiving way too many email notifications to be productive, you have the option to batch your notifications into one daily email notification. You can even specify the time you want that daily email to be sent!  

To batch notifications, click on your name towards the top right of your account, and select My Account from the drop down menu.

Next, click on the User Preferences tab towards the top of your screen, and scroll down to the Email Batching section towards the bottom of this page.

While the default is set to batch most notifications as they happen throughout the day and send them together once we've detected that there hasn't been any notification activity on your account for 10 minutes, you can click on this default to change a daily batch. 

Adjusting Your Global Notification Preferences

You can also adjust your global notification preferences here in the User Preferences tab.  Remove the checkmark to turn off specific in-app and Email notifications.

Please note: Global notification preferences and any changes to notifications that you make here will also affect your notifications on each project (including new and existing projects) so if you wish to adjust your notifications for certain projects, we recommend that you just update your notification settings within those projects (scroll down to the next section to learn more.)

Adjusting Notifications for a Specific Event of Project

To adjust notifications for a specific event or project, log in to that project, then click on the More Options Menu tab towards the top right, then click on Project Settings tab and the Notifications tab. Uncheck any notifications you don't want to receive for in-app and emailed notifications.

Notifications are user-based, so changes you make to your notification preferences will not affect other's notification settings.

Pro Tip:  If you're actively involved in an event or project, we recommend that you at least keep your in-app messages on so that you can stay updated on important items.  

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