Syncing Your Project Calendars to Google Calendar

Sync your Aisle Planner calendars to your favorite calendar applications to stay on top of appointments and deadlines

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Sharing a calendar with your team and your clients makes it easier for everyone to see what's coming down the pipeline as far as tasks with specific due dates, upcoming vendor payments, and any appointments. 

Having that extra visibility and transparency via the calendar within each project makes planning so much easier, and everyone involved will love that they could take a look the project calendar at anytime to stay updated on their end (and even sync that to their own calendar if they wanted!)

Step 1:

To Sync an Aisle Planner Calendar to your Google calendar, you'll first need to login to the project or event you'd like to sync, and get the calendar URL. 

To locate the calendar URL, click into the calendar and then click on the gold share button for reach project towards the top right of your screen, then highlight and copy the URL link provided.  

Then, follow the directions below to use this link to sync your Aisle Planner calendars to google calendar.

Step 2:

Visit your google calendar, and towards the left, select the drop down menu next to OTHER CALENDARS (you’ll see a small arrow – click that) and select ADD BY URL.

Step 3:

Paste the URL you copied earlier into the space provided, then select ADD CALENDAR. This will pull your calendar subscription for this event from Aisle Planner.

Step 4:

To edit settings and update the name shown for this calendar subscription, click on the arrow to the right of the calendar and select either CALENDAR SETTINGS.

Step 5:

To edit the notifications for this calendar subscription, click on the arrow to the right of the calendar and select EDIT NOTIFICATIONS.

Step 6:

Repeat for any additional event calendars you like to sync.

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