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Downloading Your Layout and Guest List on Mobile

Ever need to pass off the only copy of the layout and guest list to catering on event day and don't have another copy handy? Now you do.

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It's happened to all of us. Event day is a whirlwind of set-up and you place your paper layout and guest list on a chair while straightening up a napkin. You dash off to the next item on your list only to realize 20 minutes later you're without your layout and guest list. What do you do? Download it on mobile, of course!

Once you log into Aisle Planner via your mobile, head over to your project's Layout & Seating tool by click on the drop down menu next to your project's profile photo in the top left hand corner.

From there, select the layout you wish to download.

After you've selected the layout, click on the gold action box in the upper right hand corner and choose to Download Layout as PDF. If you also need a copy of the guest list that is tied to the layout, you can select the Include Guest List box.

Depending on your wifi or cellular connection and the size of your document, your layout (and guest list) will be available in as little as several seconds.

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