This feature is especially helpful when you need to quickly identify which tables guest considerations are located. Considerations include dietary restrictions, highchairs, and wheelchairs and are indicated by a star at a chair where the guest is seated.

Identifying which guests have considerations is easy—just look for a seat with a star. You can click on the seat to see the guest's consideration at a quick glance: 

Hover over the tooltip to the right of a guest's name to see the exact consideration assigned to that guest:

  • Medical Kit: Food allergy

  • "i" icon: Highchair and/or infant

  • Child: Guest is a child, but a highchair is not needed

  • Wheelchair: Guest will remain seated in their wheelchair

You can also easily see who is sitting at that seat by toggling on Show Guest Names from the Shapes menu when you click on any table. To see the exact consideration for the guest, click on the guest's seat, scroll through the guest list in the Properties/Library Panel to the right of the screen, or visit the guest record in the Guest Manager.

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