Adding Meal Indicator Colors to Your Layout

Learn how to add custom colors to your meal legend

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With the guest list and layout & seating tool's ability to sync, we added one more tool to the mix: Design Studio. Specifically: Color Palettes. If you have created a color palette in Aisle Planner and then added meal choices to your guest list manager, when it's time to seat guests you will find the color-coded meal indicators are the actual colors of the event. This makes assigning colors to escort cards a snap. Don't worry if you don't create a color palette before seating guests. Always with pretty in mind, Aisle Planner's fallback colors are just as lovely as can be (and can also be easily changed).

Syncing your color palette to your layout

First, create your color palette in your Design Studio:

Next, create meal choices for your guests in the Guest Manager:

When you seat your guests in Layout & Seating, your primary color palette will be the default color indicators.

Changing the existing colors of your meal indicators

Select any of the color circles on in the meal legend and choose from a previously created color palette...

...or enter the RGB or hex code values:

Then watch your colors change across the entire layout in the blink of an eye.

More about the meal legend

The meal legend, which can be toggled on or off in the Properties/Library Panel to the right, shows how many of each meal can be found on the layout. 

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