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What is that RSVP Summary page anyway? Glad you asked!

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The RSVP Summary page is a completely sortable snapshot of your entire guest list across ALL events.

What Can You Do on the RSVP Summary Page?

You can essentially do nearly all RSVP related tasks in this summary:

  • You can add or edit RSVP responses and select meal choices.

  • You can easily see who is invited, who is attending, who is not attending, and who has yet to respond to each event.

  • For guests that have already been added into your guest manager, you can invite guests (or remove them) for each event.

  • You can update guest party information:

    • You can edit the names of guests

    • You can add additional guests to an existing guest party

    • You can update contact information (including address, phone and email) for each guest party.

    • You can also assign roles to each guest

    • You can assign them to a group (work friends, family members, college friends, etc.)

    • You can mark guests that are from out of town

  • You can download an RSVP summary report.

PRO TIP: If you're entering in responses in the RSVP Summary page, sort by RSVP ID number by clicking the title of the RSVP# column, so all household members are grouped together. Marking them as attending or not will be a snap.

Tracking RSVP Responses

Each click of a box activates a certain RSVP response. If you start with a white box (invited), the next would be uninvited. After that is gray (uninvited) and will put your guest on Waitlist B. Finally, you can put your guest back on the main guest list by clicking one more time and changing the box back to white.

Here's what everything means:

  • White Box: The guest is on the guest list for that event and has not RSVP'd

  • Gray Box: The guest is not invited to that event, or is waitlisted

  • Checkmark: The guest is attending that event

  • Circle with a Slash: The guest is not attending that event

  • Meal Choice Column: There is a corresponding meal attached to the event guest list. If you do not see a Meal Choice column and need one, go to the guest list and add one. More info here.

PRO TIP: Not sure what the response status is for a response? Hover over the field for a few seconds, and a tooltip with the status for that particular guest will appear.

Adding Additional Guests to a Guest Party

If you need to add a guest to an existing household/guest party, you can easily do so here. Simply click the RSVP ID number for the guest party you want to add to, and a modal will appear. You can add the guest there, as well as edit or add additional information for that guest party.


Adding New Meal Choices

Although you can choose a selected meal choice from the drop down menu on the RSVP Summary Page, if you need to add meal choices that aren't already there, you'll need to add them in the EVENT INFO & OPTIONS menu for each event. Learn more here.

Downloading Your RSVP Summary

You can download a simple RSVP summary, which will show you the basic rundown of each guest across all events, including the following information:

  1. RSVP ID

  2. RSVP status

  3. Meal selection

To download, navigate to your RSVP Summary page (linked at the top of your guest manager) and click on the gold action (arrow) button. Then select the Download RSVP Summary from the drop down menu.

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