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Accepting Quotes on Behalf of a Client
Accepting Quotes on Behalf of a Client

Time is a luxury. If you accept verbal approval from your clients, you can now accept quotes on their behalf.

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We've all been there—You're in the middle of a smooth-sailing in-person consult and you've already created a quote for your soon-to-be client's approval. They give you the green light to move forward but sending the quote via email for them to open and sign would take painful (and probably pretty awkward) minutes while they take out their mobile device or the email...(yawn)...choose the quote options...and accept. Now you can accept on their behalf to move the booking process along faster so you get paid faster and get your NEW clients up and running. (P.S. Congratulations on nailing your consult, #Boss!)

After you've sent your quote to your client, simply click on the gold action box and select COMPLETE QUOTE.

A new browser window will open and you will be able to pick and choose your quote options. You will notice that your name will automatically populate the signer's field and a disclaimer that you are signing on behalf of your client appears just above it.

Once you click ACCEPT, a time stamp appears on the viewed document, as well as in-app (so there is no question who is signed of behalf of whom).

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