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What Privacy Settings Does Aisle Planner Have In Each Project?
What Privacy Settings Does Aisle Planner Have In Each Project?
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Aisle Planner offers various privacy and permission settings within each project to keep you in control and allow you to work, plan, and design each event as you see fit:

Preparation Mode

Nothing gets me more anxious than when a client sees something before it was ready (but wait! I wasn’t done!). I prefer my budget, inspiration boards and preliminary timeline are as close to perfect as possible before I share them, and I’ve found that many other pro share my—dare I say?—perfectionism.

So, we’ve created Preparation (or Prep) Mode for all of you other perfectionists out there. Go on and crunch those budget numbers, create a design masterpiece and then simply release each tool for your client to see as you’re ready. (Everything now starts in Prep Mode, so be sure to release at least a few tools before inviting your client to Aisle Planner or they won’t be able to see much.)

User-based Privacy Settings

You can customize individual privacy settings for each client/planning partner that determines what type of access they have, whether it’s full access, no access, or read only access. This is perfect for the case where your bride wants her mom involved in some of the plans, but not all, OR perhaps there are certain things, like the budget, that is off-limits to say, the Father of the Bride!  There are endless situations where privacy settings can help solve a lot of headache.

Further more, Read Only Mode is great for when you want a client and their invited contacts to see a certain tool, without having the ability to alter it. You never have to worry again about clients messing with the budget or making changes to important things, like the timeline, without you being made aware first.

Privacy and Permission Settings on Checklist, Notes & Style Guides

Privacy settings for individual items like Notes, Checklist Items and Style Guides give you even more control over what your clients can/cannot see and what they can/cannot edit. Team Members Only allows you to set specific Notes, Checklist Items and Style Guides as private and visible only to you and your team (which is helpful if you’re still fine tuning the content or keeping internal notes private), while the ability to mark these things as Read Only (Client Editing Locked) will keep you in creative control of certain things you’ve worked hard to perfect.

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