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Using the Notes Section of a Quote or Quote Template
Using the Notes Section of a Quote or Quote Template

Communicate what you need from your clients quickly and efficiently

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Adding custom messages to your clients on an quote helps expedite the information they need to accept the quote and help you get paid faster. With Aisle Planner's interactive quotes, you can easily format the notes section of any quote as well as add links to anything you like! You'll also be able to call attention to your most critical details or clearly outline next steps.

This new linking feature is especially helpful if you would like to reference supporting documents relating to your invoice. Want to link to the original RFP? Or, need to reference one of your Style Guides so you can easily point to more detailed images of the event location you're proposing? How about linking back to your website gallery of images for an easy reminder of how amazing all your events are? Simply highlight the desired text and insert the link behind it!

Here's an example...

Are you a venue wanting to include a gallery of images that outline a certain flow of event spaces? Here are a couple ways you can easily guide your potential client and help you sell those particular spaces... and your venue.

  • Link to the Aisle Planner Style Guide containing the images outlining your proposed flow of spaces. Simply, email the Style Guide to yourself and then copy the URL when you open the Style Guide in your browser.

  • Link to the gallery of event spaces on your website.

Along with adding links, you also have the ability to use rich-text formatting to aid in readability. Emphasizing important instructions or calls-to-action have never been easier. Below is a list of the rich-text editing features available in the notes section of an invoice:

  • Edit: Undo, Redo, and Clear Formatting

  • Font-Style: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Underline

  • Lists: Bulleted and Numbered

  • External Links

With these new editing functions, you'll be able to make changes more efficiently. You can communicate the right details and get that quote to your client for acceptance quicker. You'll also be able to call attention your most critical details (such as the quote's expiration date) or clearly outline any next steps.

Be sure to add recurring messaging into your Quote Templates so you're not re-creating the wheel each and every time. Jump over to your Settings and then Templates. Update your Quote Templates there.

And, of course, we all love new clients, so don't forget to tell them how excited you are with the possibility of collaborating with them in the future. ❤️ 

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