Downloading your entire Contact Library into an Excel workbook or vCard file is a pretty straightforward process and with just two clicks you'll already be moving onto your next task.


In the upper right-hand corner of your CONTACTS page, you'll see the gold action box. Click on that.


From the two download options, choose DOWNLOAD CONTACTS AS SPREADSHEET

🎉 Ta-da! You're all done!

So what's included in my download, anyway?

  • Multiple tabs, one for each category, including a tab for all contacts

  • All points of contacts for a single company

  • Any data points you've entered, such as phone, email, website, and address

  • All notes—general private notes, private contact notes, and front-facing notes you share with your clients

Take this and do what you will! The world is your oyster. 🦪

Want to download your contacts as vCards?

No problem! Just follow the steps above and choose DOWNLOAD CONTACTS AS VCARD.

Don't see the option to download?

Reach out to the account owner and ask about download permissions.

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