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Creating Style Guide Templates
Creating Style Guide Templates

Create as many style guide templates as you want and then quickly and easily import them into any event or project.

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Creating style guide templates are incredibly easy! To create a new style guide template follow these easy steps.

Step 1:
Click on the Business Settings Icon menu. Click on the Templates tab towards the top of your screen and select the Style Guides option, which you'll see on the left.

From there, add custom folders to house custom style guides. Start by clicking the gold Add Folder button. Once you name your folder, click on the gold plus sign to add your style guide templates. Easy to drag and drop into any order you please, custom folders allow you to keep all your style guide templates neatly organized and easy to find.

Step 2: Give this Template a Name
When you click the gold plus sign to add a new style guide template, the first thing you'll want to do is give your new template a name for future reference. Naming your templates is SUPER important, so you won't have any challenges finding the right template that you need down the road.

Filling out the description is completely optional and when you're ready to add imagery, go ahead and click on the gold Edit Template button.

Step 3: Add in Your Imagery & Set Any Restrictions

Build your image style guides by clicking on the gold Add Your First Image button or dragging and dropping images from your computer into the designated area indicated below. You can also set any restrictions at the template level that will carry into your project, such as no restrictions, client editing locked, or hidden from client view.

Just like a style guide in project, your images are displayed beautifully.

Now that you're set, click on the gold Done button to your top left to return to your Style Guide Templates index page.

Step 4 (Optional): Copy Style Guides for Quick Editing
If you have a style guide template you'd like to build upon or if you'd like to add to another category folder, you can use the copy feature in the style guide template index page. For example, in the created Summer Flowers style guide template, I copied the style guide by clicking on the copy icon, changed the name of the guide to Pink Flowers and went ahead and removed all images of non-pink flowers.


So, Now What?

Now that you've set up a style guide template, you'll be able to use this template to quickly and easily create style guides to share with your clients and planning partners within the Design Studio tab of each project.

Don't worry, you can always further update and adjust your style guides for each client as needed, but setting up your templates will give you a great head start.

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