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Editing Your Existing Bank Account for Your Merchant Account
Editing Your Existing Bank Account for Your Merchant Account

How to update bank account or business owner information for your merchant account through Aisle Planner.

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Because Aisle Planner uses two different payment processors for online payments, the steps to update your merchant account in Aisle Planner will differ depending on the payment processor you are using.

  • If you are using Stripe, learn how to update your information below.

  • If you are using Wedpay OR you are not quite sure which payment processor you're using, please reach out to Aisle Planner's customer support team via the messenger to the bottom right of your screen or via email at

If You Are Using Stripe As Your Payment Processor

To edit your bank account information:

From your pro dashboard, click on the Company Settings icon towards the far right of your account.

In your Settings, click on the Banking tab, then scroll down to the Bank Information section. Click the gold Edit button, then follow the prompts to enter your new bank account information and then click Save. Changes to your bank account on file happen instantly, and you'll see any new payments automatically deposited to this new account as per the normal deposit schedule.

To avoid any delays in future deposits:

  • Be sure to triple check the account and routing numbers that you enter for your new bank account

To update your business owner information:

In your Banking tab in your Company Settings, click on the gold View or Edit Your Application button and follow the prompts to update your business owner information. You can also edit additional company details here, such as website, phone number, and other account details.

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