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An Intro to Aisle Planner's Main Navigation Menus
An Intro to Aisle Planner's Main Navigation Menus

We'll be making some updates to better organize our tools. Check out the updates here!

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We'll be making some changes to our main navigation in our upcoming release. Let's walk through the changes to both our main navigation within our platform and the navigation you'll see within each of your projects.

To better organize our tools (and make way for all the new features we currently have in the works), we've grouped the tools in your account by purpose.

Sales Tools

All of your tools related to tracking, managing and booking new leads are here in the SALES tab. Documents, quotes and invoices can also be found here.

Project, Calendar, & Contact Tools

Your projects, calendar and contacts tabs remain the same, as does the drop down menu below your name, but we've renamed your USER SETTINGS to MY ACCOUNT, and you'll now find your company settings here to the top right of your screen.

Company Settings

You can find all of your company settings behind the "cog" icon toward the top right of your account. Your company settings houses all of your company level settings including the following tabs:

  • Business tab - manage your company information, including name and contact information as well as date, time and currency preferences

  • Banking tab - set up online payments for your account

  • Users tab - add and manage members of your team in your account

  • Branding tab - upload your logo, create a custom branded login page and more

  • Leads tab - customize your booking process, create custom contact forms

  • Templates tab - set up templates for everything and anything from projects, notes, style guides, layouts, quotes, invoices, questionnaires, contracts and more

  • Integrations - set up integrations, such as Zapier, to get more from your Aisle Planner account

Project Tools

Within each project, we've made some small changes to your tool bar. We've moved your project toggle here, to make it easier to hop back and forth between different projects - we've also added the project date for easy reference.

While you can still find all of your primary project tools here in the secondary navigation, we've moved your categories, project settings, client record and planning partners to a drop down menu here.

There you have it! We hope this quick tour helps, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us here at Aisle Planner customer support.

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