Data Security and Data Back Ups

Learn more about how Aisle Planner keeps your data safe

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Security is a priority for us.  We’ve taken great care to partner with trustworthy companies as our authorized technology subcontractors that provide scalable and secure storage for not only our own, but also all of our client’s important data. Among them, we've partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide our data storage infrastructure and Stripe, to provide PCI-Compliant payment processing, for both Aisle Planner subscriptions and online payments.

With multiple data redundancies that are backed up daily and stored in multiple locations, we take all reasonable precautions to keep your data safe and minimize as much risk as possible.  Your data is transmitted through a secure HTTPS connection as encrypted data to our servers, and your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.  

Our server infrastructure is updated continually with the most recent security patches to ensure we’re keeping up to date on the ever-changing world of cyber security.

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