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What happens when a prospective client contacts you through your contact form? Learn more here!

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When a prospective client contacts you through your contact form that you may have linked to or embedded into your website or linked elsewhere, we’ll automatically (and immediately) send you an email notification, as well as an in-app notification so that you can get in touch right away. Learn more about managing your new lead notifications here.

We’ll also create a new lead record within your lead manager, where you can easily access all the information provided by your lead, including how you can get in touch with them.

You also have the ability to set auto-responders and easily send brochures, proposals, quotes and contracts. Once you’ve booked a new client, we also make it easy for you to send invoices and accept online payments. You’ll also be able to turn this lead into a project with just one click.

Learn more about Aisle Planner’s lead manager in this short video tutorial.

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