Disabling Your Aisle Planner Facebook Login
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Our Facebook login feature is strictly used to make logging in to your Aisle Planner account easier for you.  We’ll never post to your Facebook account, or access any information except what is required to set up Facebook login on your account. However, if you’d like to disable your Facebook login, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Facebook, and log in to your Facebook account.

  2.  Click on the little triangle ‘arrow’  towards the top right corner of your account, scroll down the drop-down menu on the right, and click on Settings.

  3. Scroll down the left side menu and click Apps & Websites.

  4. This will show you all the apps that have been linked to Facebook – find Aisle Planner, hover over it, and click the “X” to remove. This will remove any connection between Facebook and Aisle Planner.  Aisle Planner only retains your email on file, which is required to login to your account.

  5. Once you do this, because your connection with Facebook login no longer exists, you’ll need to reset your password by visiting the login screen for Aisle Planner, entering in the email address associated with your Facebook account, and then clicking on the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? link – from here, you’ll need to set a new password to access your Aisle Planner account.

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