The Refund process is different depending on the merchant service used to accept a specific payment. Please refer to the relevant information below for payments accepted via Stripe or Wedpay.

For payments accepted via Stripe

To issue a refund on a payment accepted through Stripe, click on the “Invoices” tab from your pro dashboard, then click to the “Payments” page in the top navigation bar. 

You'll see each of the payments you’ve accepted from clients. On the far right, you’ll see the option to “refund” a payment that has been completed through Aisle Planner. At this time, you can only refund the total amount of a payment.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only refund a payment when the total of your pending and available balances in your Stripe account (the amount that is pending transfer to your bank account) is above the amount of the refund. If the total of your pending and available balances is not enough, the refund button sends you to this FAQ.

There are two choices to make a refund in this case:

First, you can manually record a negative payment in the invoice for the customer and send them a check. 

Second, you can contact us through the messenger below or by emailing Aisle Planner's customer support team at and we can work through refunding the payment for you – as long as you have proof your bank account attached to Stripe has a balance that supports the refund amount. 

For faster assistance when contacting customer support for help issuing a refund, please include the following information:

  1.  Your first and last name

  2.  Email address associated with your Aisle Planner account

  3.  Invoice name

  4. Amount to be refunded

For payments accepted via Wedpay

To issue a refund on a payment accepted through Wedpay, you'll need to issue your refund via your merchant track portal, which can be found in the BANKING tab within your Company Settings.

To access your merchant track portal, click on the Company Settings "cog" icon toward the top right of your pro account, then click on the BANKING tab.

PLEASE NOTE: To help keep your merchant account safe and secure, only Aisle Planner account owners will be able to access Merchant Track to access reporting and issue refunds. If you need assistance with issuing a refund, please contact customer support.

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