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When a refund cannot be made
When a refund cannot be made
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While most payments that you've accepted through your Aisle Planner account can also be refunded through your account, there may be certain payments that are not eligible to be refunded.

A refund cannot be issued if:

  • A payment was accepted outside of Aisle Planner and the payment was manually applied to an invoice. While you won't be able to issue a refund through Aisle Planner for these payments, you can still manually apply a refund to the relevant invoice for your records.

  • A payment has been disputed/charged back by the payer.

  • An ACH payment transfer is in process. Generally, these can be refunded at a later date once the transfer of funds have been completed.

  • An ACH payment is past the 90 day refund window. Credit card payments can be refunded at any time but ACH payments have a 90 day refund window.

  • A payment has already been voided or refunded through the merchant portal.

Learn more about refunds, including how to refund an online payment accepted through Aisle Planner and fees associated with refunds here.

Need assistance with a refund or need help determining the reason a payment cannot be refunded? Contact us through the messenger widget below.

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