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For Couples: Working With Planning Partners
For Couples: Working With Planning Partners
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Wedding planning is a collaborative effort. Besides wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and florists, you’re more than likely going to be working with your fiance, friends and family too. And that is why we built collaboration tools right into Aisle Planner, because we know that you aren’t going this alone.

Things to know about the Planning Partners

  • Assign tasks in the Checklist to the Planning Partners who are responsible for them

  • Get email notifications when your Planning Partners comment on Checklist items, images, and vendor contacts

  • Grant different levels of access to your Planning Partners so they can edit what they should but not what they shouldn’t

How to Add Planning Partners

Simply click on Planning Partners in the upper right hand corner of your screen and enter the name and email contact for whomever you’d like to invite into your wedding. Once they've been added to Aisle Planner, adjust their privacy and permission settings as needed (by clicking on FULL ACCESS drop down menu beneath their name), then click SEND INVITE.  We'll let you know once they've accepted your invite and have created their adjoining account.

Things to Know About Notifications

  • You can easy get to the tasks, images, etc. that you are receiving a notification about through the notification center. Simply click on the notification – you’ll be taken directly to what’s being discussed!

  • When you receive an email notification, click on the button at the bottom of the email and you’ll be taken directly into the task, images, etc that you are receiving a notification about

  • You can respond directly to comments through your email; no need to log into Aisle Planner to continue the conversation – just hit reply!

  • You can set your notification settings by clicking on User Settings and then User Preferences. You can set the frequency on your notifications there.

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