There are three ways that you can track RSVP's for your guests in Aisle Planner:

You can manually track RSVPs through Aisle Planner's guest manager for specific events. To enter in responses manually, head over to your Guest List Manager in Aisle Planner, and choose which event for which you'd like to track a guest's RSVP.  Click on CHANGE VIEW and then view by INDIVIDUAL GUESTS. Next, sort your guest list by RSVP # so all members of the household are together and then click on a blank box to mark if a guest is attending or declined by cycling through the response options. Click once for attending, twice for declined, or three times to return to awaiting response.

Here's a snapshot of what each symbol looks like:

You can also add meal choices in this view by clicking into EVENT INFO & OPTIONS and keep track of your guests entrée choices as they come in. For a comprehensive review on adding and tracking meal choices, click here.

Conversely, you can also head over to the RSVP Summary Page and manually track the RSVPs of the guests across all events, not just the event you are viewing as in Option 1 above. This is incredibly helpful if you have multiple events across several days.

First you will want to sort the RSVP Summary Page by RSVP # so all members of the household are together. You can then mark guests as attending or declined in the same manner as above: clicking to cycle through the possible RSVP statuses, but with this option you can also invite a guest to an event by clicking on a light gray box. Once the box changes to white, you can click again to mark them as attending. You can also track meals for all events so long as you've added the meals from the event's main guest list page. If meals have been added to an event, a column for meals will appear to the right side of the event name. 

For a comprehensive review on adding and tracking meal choices, click here.

Finally, you can add guests to any guest party by clicking on the RSVP ID#, which will open the guest party contact manager. For now, if you need to add dietary restrictions for a particular guest or to identify they need a highchair or wheelchair, you will need to do that in the individual view of the main guest list manager for that particular event.

If the guest is not a child, simply change their age group here:

Pro Tip: To learn more about splitting the guest list in to separate ceremony and reception lists, click here. And to learn more about the RSVP Summary page, click here

Finally, you can request guest RSVPs through our guest messaging feature within Aisle Planner's Guest Manager, which enables you to send each guest party an email with a request to online RSVP for all guests in their party, as well as submit meal selections and any additional information, such as food allergies and whether or not they need a highchair for their little one(s)!

Once guests respond online, the updates are automatically made to your guest list.

You can learn more about our online RSVP feature HERE.

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