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Determining Current Invited and RSVP Guest Counts

Learn more about where to find a current snapshot of where you're at with RSVP's and meal counts

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Your wedding or event dashboard will always provide a current snapshot of RSVP's for the wedding.   

For an update on current RSVP's for other wedding-related events, such as the rehearsal dinner, click into the Guests tab and then select the event you’d like to see total RSVP’s for.

Next, click on the Event Info & Options button that you see towards the top right of your Guest Manager. 

You'll see a current status of your guest list, including how many guests have confirmed they'll be attending, how many have yet to respond (awaiting response), and how many have declined.  We'll also show how many guests are on the waitlist.

Determining Final Guest Counts

Once all of your guest responses have been added into the Guest Manager in Aisle Planner, you can view your total final guest count (as well as final meal counts if you're tracking meals in Aisle Planner) by clicking into the Event Info & Options menu for each event.

You can also find a detailed guest list report, including total number of guests and meal count totals, by downloading the Final Guest List Report PDF, by selecting the event you'd like to download the report for, then clicking on the gold export button towards the top right of your account.  You'll find the Final Guest List Report download available in the Downloads Menu.  

Pro Tip: If you have more than one layout associated with the guest list you are wishing to download, you will be prompted to choose the correct layout. This is to ensure seated guests are correctly syncing with the guest list download. In addition, you will also have to opportunity to include table images and seat numbers to your downloads to help setting place cards at tables the day of your event. More on that here.

What do the guest list report categories mean?

We calculate the guest count for each of the following guest list categories:

Guests that have accepted your invitation and will be attending this event.

Awaiting Response
Guests that will be or have been invited (whether or not their invitation has been sent) minus any guests that have either confirmed or declined. Basically, these are the guests from whom you are awaiting a response.

Guests who have declined your invitation and will not be attending this event.

Guests who are on the guest list, but you haven’t decided to invite them just yet. This could be your “B’ list or “C” list, which is basically guests you are CONSIDERING inviting to your event but haven’t added them to your official guest list due to budget or venue size constraints.

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