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Creating & Sending a New Invoice
Creating & Sending a New Invoice

Create and send professional-looking invoices easily and get paid faster with Aisle Planner's time-saving features.

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As a small business owner, you donโ€™t have time to chase down payments. Thatโ€™s why we built our invoicing tool to include the time-saving features you need to get invoices out and the money in.

Here are four easy steps to setting up your invoice templates and getting your first invoice out the door.

Pro-Tip: Want to get paid even faster? Learn how to set up your online banking here.


Head on over your your Invoice Templates by clicking on the Templates tab within your Settings menu, then click on the Invoice option in the left hand column.

While optional, you can streamline your quote and invoicing process by enabling auto-numbering for your invoices. To activate this feature, simply click on the Enable Auto-Numbering. We will start your number with 0001, or your can choose your own starting number by entering that number in the Starting Number field. In addition, you can choose your own naming convention by entering it in the Number Format field. Indicate where you'd like to see the number portion by adding {{NUMBER}} to the format.

For example, if you enter "5001" as the Starting Number and "To La Lune - {{NUMBER}} - 2020" in the Number Format, the invoice number will appear like this on your first invoice: "To La Lune - 5001 - 2020." Each quote or invoice that is produced here on out while auto-numbering is enabled, will increment by 1.


Once you've decided whether you'd like to enable auto-numbering, you'll want to take these steps to create an invoice template:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Start with a Blank Invoice Template
Click on the gold ADD NEW button at the bottom of your screen.

You can create as many invoice templates as you'd like for each of the services you offer or combination of services you offer by clicking on the gold ADD NEW button.

Once you click on the ADD NEW button, you'll want to first give this invoice template a name for future reference (the description is completely optional) and then dive into personalizing this invoice template to perfectly fit your needs by clicking on EDIT INVOICE.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Check your Template to Ensure Company Branding and Business Info are Pre-Populated
If you've already set up your company branding, we'll automatically pull in your company logo in the upper left corner, but if your invoice template has a great big white space there, take a moment to head over to your BRANDING center where you can upload your logo for a better, branded experience in Aisle Planner.

You'll also want to check your information is shown as you like it towards the top right of your invoice. This information can always be edited. If you didn't set up your business settings in Step One and that area is blank, you can either manually enter the info, or visit your BUSINESS SETTINGS to make the update.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Call Out the Details of the Services and/or Products you Offer
We also recommend you take the time to detail out your invoice line items and details, pricing, discounts, and, where applicable, service fees and taxes. (Pro-Tip: Build a product library to make creating invoice templates and invoices even faster!)

Don't forget to add a short note of appreciation, any payment instructions, as well as a note about your cancelation or refund/return policies to provide your clients the right guidance and information when it comes to making any payments.

The goal for your invoice templates is to set up as much as you can at the template level to help save you time when it comes to creating and sending actual invoices. So, get in as much as you can! You can always make updates when it's time to send this to a client.

Now that your invoice template is all set up, it's time to send your first invoice.


You can create and send invoices in three places: from within a lead record, from within the client tab inside a project, or from the invoices tab. We find the best place to add invoices is from within a lead record, that way the invoice always has a home and can be found easily.

Pro Tip: Be sure to create projects from a lead record as well. It's not possible to link an invoice to a project if the project wasn't created from a lead.

No matter where you create your invoice, you can either start from scratch, or use any one of the invoice templates you've created. First, name your invoice, add in an invoice number if you don't have auto-numbering enabled, then click to create. Once inside your invoice, update client information, review the invoice, and make adjustments as needed.

Pro Tip: Chose an invoice name that helps you relate this invoice to a specific project or client. It will make it much easier to find in a long list of quotes and invoices AND easier to find when using the invoice tab's search function!

Don't forget to set your payment schedule and add payment reminders, so you never have to remember to remind your clients when a payment date is approaching.


When you're ready to publish and send your invoice, click on the gold action button towards the top right of your screen, be sure the SEND INVOICE BY EMAIL option is checked, enter in your client's information, subject line and message (or choose one of the email templates you created), preview your email, check the box indicating you're a human, then hit send.

Clients will receive a beautifully branded email with a link to view and easily pay your invoice directly online.

Need additional assistance?

Contact us by clicking on the messenger icon located at the bottom right of your screen, We are always happy to help!

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