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Layouts & Guest Seating
An Intro to Aisle Planner Layouts & SeatingCreating Beautiful Layouts and Seating Lists in Aisle Planner
Starting a Layout with a Blank CanvasLearn how to start your floor plan from scratch with a nice, clean blank canvas.
🎥 Starting a Layout By Uploading a Floor PlanUpload your venue's floor plan to kick start your layout
Uploading Your Venue's Floor Plan After You've Already Created A LayoutYou can upload your venue's floor plan to use as a background for your layout at anytime
Uploading An Image To Your LayoutUse the "add image" option in the Insert menu to add images to your layout
Adding a Guest List to an Existing LayoutIt's easy to add a guest list to a layout once it's been created. Find out how!
Designing with Proper Spacing Between Each TableService area guides help you easily plan enough space between tables for guests and service staff to easily move throughout the venue
Merging Multiple Banquet Tables TogetherNeed to create one long table? We'll show you how!
Adding, Removing or Rearranging Seats On A TableYou can add or remove as many chairs as needed from tables to accommodate your guest list. Learn more here.
🎥 Aligning Objects In A LayoutUse our alignment tools to help you quickly and easily align tables and other objects in your layout
Assigning Tables with Simple SeatingHere's a quick overview to help you create the perfect seating chart in a flash!
Customizing Table Names On The Seating ChartNeed to change the table names to table numbers? No problem!
Rearranging the Order of TablesDrag and drop tables into place in Aisle Planner's Seating Tool
Assigning Guests To Each TableDrag and drop to seat guests at each table in our seating tool
Adding Meal Indicator Colors to Your LayoutLearn how to add custom colors to your meal legend
Managing Your Layouts: Creating Additional Layouts for a Wedding or Event & Reordering, Renaming and Deleting Your LayoutsYou can create as many layouts as needed for each of your events and reorder, edit layout names and delete layouts you no longer need.
Viewing Guest Names, Seat Numbers & Meal Selections on your Layout CanvasEasily view where guests are seated with a click of a button.
Easily See Where Your Guest Considerations are Located on Your CanvasNeed to identify quickly where guest considerations are located on your canvas? Look no further.
Downloading Your Layout and Guest List on MobileEver need to pass off the only copy of the layout and guest list to catering on event day and don't have another copy handy? Now you do.
🎥 How to Download your Layout as a PDFDownload your Layout to PDF to include table names, guest names and seat numbers. Also included are meal and considerations indicators.
Creating Layouts Even Faster with Keyboard and Mouse ShortcutsThe Aisle Planner Power User's Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Shortcuts