The team and I here at APHQ are always working towards improving our tools, so we're always excited to announce that each new feature release brings much needed (and highly requested) new features and updates!

Here's a list of our newest features:


As wedding pros, we're always collecting important information to help us better serve our clients. Being able to send electronic questionnaires will help make your booking and planning process even easier. We are SO SO excited to finally bring this new feature to life!

+Document (Brochure/Proposal/Contract)  Improvements

You can now create your brochure templates by uploading your own beautifully pre-designed brochure PDF's so you can quickly and easily (and automatically) send information to new lead inquiries through Aisle Planner.

While enhancements like merge tags will provide more dynamic proposals and contracts, other features like having the ability to request initials on your contracts will make our document feature much more handy for your unique needs. 

We've also added more options for formatting, including text blocks, image blocks and page breaks!

+Zapier Integration

We're officially in beta! Are you an experienced Zapier user and would like to join our beta program?  Click here to learn more.

+Bug Fixes and Infrastructure Updates

We're always working to repair glitches and fix bugs. In this release, we've fixed the issue of copying/pasting in notes and documents (they should no longer paste to the very bottom of your note or document) and uploaded images not saving in notes and documents (hallelujah!)

We've also fixed a few bugs regarding contact forms regarding submission errors, among a few other things!

P.S. Thank you to our wonderful community of wedding pros -  your continual feedback and feature requests (not to mention the occasional complaint!) have made our latest release possible!

Want to see what we're working on next?  You can check out our short list of what's in process here

+Aisle Planner Mobile Web

We've update the mobile view to make most of our tools easier to navigate and easier to read on smaller screens, especially tablets and phones. You'll now see our new mobile views on screens or web browser windows that are smaller than 1200 pixels. 

While we've made some pretty great strides to optimize most of our nav bars and tools for mobile, we'll be updating any remaining tools that aren't mobile friendly in an upcoming release!  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, learn more about Aisle Planner Mobile Web here and learn more about how to best access Aisle Planner on your mobile device here.  

+Lead Checklist Templates That Can Be Added Into Each Lead Record

Our upcoming automated workflow features are starting to take shape as we build the foundation for what will change the way you plan forever.  Our first step?  Adding lead checklists/tasks templates! 

While we work to build out the remaining automation bits, for now, you'll be able to create new lead checklist templates, add details and set deadlines and automatically add them into any lead record to be sure that you're checking all the boxes and nothing falls through the cracks with each new lead.  

AND if your booking workflow differs based on the service type a prospective client is interested in, you can also custom map which lead checklist gets automatically dropped into that lead record over in your Lead Settings menu.  How great is that?!


Despite the fact that there are so many great layout design tools on the market, a layout design feature has been and still is our #1 requested feature BY FAR, so you can see why we're absolutely ecstatic to introduce version 1 of Aisle Planner's layout design tool. 

Our goals for v1? 

  • To empower you to create simple layouts that are modern in feel and most importantly, to scale. 
  • To create beautiful layouts that make you, as a wedding pro, look like the pro that you are (goodbye pencil sketches). 
  • To simplify and streamline your productivity (no more waiting on rental companies or venues to return a formal layout) 
  • Provide more value for our customers (oh, and then there's this perk: no more paying for another software to get the job done!)

Learn more about v1 of our new Layout & Seating Tool here.

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