The team and I here at APHQ are always working towards improving our tools, so we're always excited to announce that each new feature release brings much needed (and highly requested) new features and updates!

Here's a list of our newest features

+Lead Activity Log Updates
Automation.  That's certainly a hot topic right now, especially when it comes to pushing productivity, so we're thrilled to add more automated activity log updates to give you a better handle on what's been happening and where you left off with a certain lead, without having to manually type in updates.  

While you'll still be able to add updates manually for things that happen outside of Aisle Planner (like, an in-person coffee meet up) we think you'll love being able to see status updates across the board without having to dig too deep within a contract, quote or invoice.  

+Customizable Lead Status Funnels

With the ability to customize your lead statuses, you'll be able to craft the ideal booking process that's right for you and your business, and easily move your prospective new clients from new inquiry to booked. We're also making it easier for you to visually see how many leads are in each stage of your custom booking process.

+Customizable Lead Contact Forms

While our customers LOVE our default lead contact forms and how easy it is to bring in new leads automatically into their lead manager from their website or listing on Aisle Planner, we've heard that being able to customize your leads forms for your unique business is KEY. Remove fields you don't need, add fields you do and even create multiple lead capture forms for more flexibility. We're so excited to bring this new feature to life.

+Embeddable Lead Capture Forms

While previously you could link your lead contact forms from your website and listing on Aisle Planner, you can now embed your lead contact form within your website for an ideal client experience.

+Checklist tasks within each Lead Record

Our upcoming automated workflow features are starting to take shape as we build the foundation for what will change the way you plan forever.  Our first step?  Adding checklists/tasks in lead records! 

While we work to build out the automation bits and lead checklist templates, for now, you'll be able to manually create new tasks, assign them to other members of your team, add comments and set deadlines (and reminders) to be sure that you're checking all the boxes and nothing falls through the cracks with each new lead.  

+Bug Fixes and Infrastructure Updates

We're always working to repair glitches and fix bugs.

P.S. Thank you to our wonderful community of wedding pros -  your continual feedback and feature requests (not to mention the occasional complaint!) have made our latest release possible!

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