Plans are flexible, so you can adjust your plan at any time. To upgrade or downgrade to a different plan:

Click on your name towards the top right of your screen and select My Account from the drop down menu.

Next, select the Subscriptions & Billing tab.

Then select a PLAN TYPE from the drop down menu (we've bundled all of our services so that you can chose the combination of features that best suits your needs)

Once you've selected a plan type, choose if you would like the 10, 25, 45, 65, or 100 active project plan from the options available by clicking the SELECT button beneath your choice.

Then, once you choose how many active projects you would like, scroll down and choose which listing bundle you'd like to add: Basic (free), Enhance, or Premium and then click SUBSCRIBE.

For account upgrades, the pro-rated balance for the rest of the current billing cycle will be added to your next invoice. For downgrades, the pro-rated credit for the rest current billing cycle will be credited towards your next invoice.

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