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Video Tutorial: Keeping all your notes in Aisle Planner makes it easier to create, collaborate & share every little detail.

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As creative entrepreneurs and event pros, taking notes and keeping track of every little detail is a big part of our world, so we've built the perfect place to keep it all organized.

You'll find the Notebook in each and every project in Aisle Planner and in it,

you can create new notes from scratch, create shortcuts that link to resources outside of Aisle Planner or make good use of your template feature to quickly create notes from your own library of note templates.

To switch up your view, use the View Options menu and stay organized with custom sections and drag and drop reordering. Drag sections up and down to get everything just right and easily access more options from the 3-dot More Menu that you'll find on hover over each note or shortcut.

Add or edit cover images, create duplicates, rename your notes AND save your notes as a template right from your index. You can even set client permissions and easily see which notes are only visible to your team and which notes are locked so client's can't make changes.

And if you have a lot of notes and shortcuts, the search feature helps you find what you're looking for faster.

Creating a New Note

To create a new note, head on over to the Notes tab within a project and click on the Add New Note button.

You'll see three options for your new note:

  • Create a Shortcut (shortcuts are links to resources outside of Aisle Planner)

  • Create a new Note (from scratch)

  • Create a Note from Template

Select the note type and follow the prompts to create your new note.

Adding/Editing Cover Images for Notes

Personalize the look and feel of your notebook by adding custom cover images. When you create a new note or shortcut, you'll be prompted to upload a cover image, but you can always add, edit or change your cover images at anytime.

  • Note Cover Image dimensions are 4032 x 3024 pixels and 72dpi.

  • To keep page and image load times speedy, there is a 4mb limit for note cover images.

To add, edit or change your cover image from the note index, hover over the note and click on the 3-dot More Menu and select the Edit Cover Image option from the menu. Follow the prompts to upload and adjust your cover image, then click Save.

View Options: Grid vs List View

Aisle Planner's Project Notebook offers two view options to suit your preference: Grid of List view. To change your view, click on the View Options menu towards the top right of your Note Index and select your preferred view.

Reordering Notes

To reorder your notes, drag and drop each note into place. You can also move notes to other sections!

Creating Custom Sections

To create custom sections to better organize your notes, hover above, below or in between any row of notes, then click the plus sign that appears to the left of the gold dotted line. Sections can be custom named (and renamed as needed) and are no longer tied to planning categories to give you the most flexibility. To rename a section, click on the section name to open the editor.

If you have more than one section, you can move sections (and the notes in them) up and down by clicking on the up and down arrows that appear to the right when you hover over a section title.

You can also collapse and expand sections.

Need to delete a section? Click on the red Delete icon that appears on hover. Any notes that were previously housed in the deleted section will be moved up to the section just above.

Duplicating a Note

To create a copy of a note, hover over the note and click on the 3-Dot More Menu and select the Duplicate option. Your new note will be placed at the top of your note index. Don't forget to rename it for easy reference (and to avoid any confusion.)

Saving a Note or Shortcut as a Template

To save a note as a template, click on the 3-Dot More Menu and select the Save as Template option. Follow the prompts to name this new template and select the template folder to keep your templates organized.

Searching Your Notebook

Use the search option located towards the top right of your Note Index to search by note or shortcut title.

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