Here's an overview of the types of notifications/reminders currently available in Aisle Planner. All notifications are by default turned on and will be send provided the person set to receive these notifications has not turned them off.

New Members to your Account or Projects
When someone you've invited accepts the invitation that you've sent them, you'll receive notifications when new org members join, as well as new clients. 

  • Learn more about inviting clients into their event or project here.

  • Learn more about inviting members of your company into your company account here

Checklist / Task Assignment Notifications
Anytime a task is assigned to a specific person, they are automatically notified. Once a task that you've assigned out has been completed, you'll be notified as well. 

  • Learn more about assigning a task here.

Checklist / Task Reminders
Once you've set a due date on a task in the checklist, you also have the option to set automated reminders to automatically send reminders so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Task reminders are automatically sent to the person designated as the project lead for the event or project. If the task has been assigned to a person, they'll receive a reminder notification as well. 

  • Learn more about setting due dates and reminders on tasks here.

Calendar Reminders (coming soon)
Currently, if you click on any date on the calendar and add a meeting, such as a cake tasting or dress fitting, there are no reminders for calendar events. However, if you've subscribed to your AP calendars via your google or ical, you can set up alerts there, which might be helpful until we have our reminders up and running!

  • Learn how to sync your Aisle Planner project calendars to iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook here

Payment Reminders on Vendor Invoices
If you've entered payments with due dates into the system, we'll not only automatically sync this to your calendar, we'll provide the opportunity for you to set one or multiple payment reminders. 

Payment reminders are sent to the project lead for each event (vs. the client) so you have the opportunity to double check numbers (which is especially helpful in cases where the balance payment may be pending final guest counts) before giving your clients the heads up. We'll also issue a "task" for this payment, so you can easily assign that task to your clients and the system will automatically notify them. 

  • Learn more about tracking vendor invoices and payments here.

Comment Notifications
Anytime you add a comment to an event or project, whether it's on a photo in a style guide, a task in the checklist, or a vendor in the contacts tool, everyone on that event or project will receive both an in-app and an emailed notification.

To respond to your comments and keep the conversation going, anyone can just hit REPLY to the emailed comment notification and respond directly from their email, without having to log in. Responses will automatically be added to the comment stream in Aisle Planner. 

Note: When responding to comment notifications via email, it's important to note that our system doesn't support sending attachments back - we recommend letting your clients know as well so you don't miss important information!

Tip: Until we add the ability to have directed comment notifications, we recommend indicating who a comment is directed towards in the text of the comment.

New Lead Notifications
When a new lead has been received through your listing on Aisle Planner or through your lead intake form (which you'll need to set up to enable), anyone who's been designated to receive a new lead notification will be notified.

  • Learn more about setting your listing on Aisle Planner here.

  • Learn more about setting who receives incoming lead notifications here.

Document Signature Notifications
Whenever you send out a proposal or contract to be signed, you'll be notified when that document has been signed. Additionally, if a document requires your countersignature, you'll receive a notification for that as well. You'll also be notified once all parties have signed a contract.

Questionnaire Notifications
When you send out a questionnaire, you'll be notified once that questionnaire has been submitted back to you. When you send a questionnaire to multiple people, you'll be notified when each person submits their questionnaire. 

Please note:  Once clients submit their questionnaire, they can always return to the questionnaire to update their answers and responses. Currently, there aren't any notifications when someone updates a previously submitted questionnaire (we'll be adding this soon!)

Quote NotificationsWhen your client accepts a quote, the org member who created and sent that quote will be notified.

Payment Received,
When you send an invoice and that invoice has been paid online, you'll receive a payment notification. 

Past Due Invoice NotificationsIf an invoice that you've sent a client is past due, you'll receive a past due invoice reminder. 

Please note, while you can set up automated payment reminders to notify clients before an invoice payment is due as well as on the day an invoice payment is due, past due reminders currently aren't sent to clients.  

  • Learn more about setting automated payment reminders on invoices here

Bank Transfers
Once the funds have been deposited into your bank account, the account owner will receive a notification by email. 

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