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Invoicing & Online Payments
Invoicing & Online Payments

We make it simple to send professional, customized invoices. Get paid fast and manage everything in one place.

An Intro to Invoicing & Online PaymentsGet paid faster with invoicing and online payments with Aisle Planner + Wedpay in four easy steps.
Why Accept Online Payments through Aisle Planner?We make it simple to send professional, customized invoices. Get paid fast and manage everything in one place.
What are the Credit Card Processing Fees Associated with Online Payments and How Is It Paid?Learn more about transaction fees for online payments.
Setting Up Your Online Payment AccountSet up online payments in three easy steps
Creating & Sending a New InvoiceCreate and send professional-looking invoices easily and get paid faster with Aisle Planner's time-saving features.
Auto-Generate Quote and Invoice NumbersAutomate the small stuff. Let us keep track of your quote and invoice numbers so you don't have to.
Adding Taxable Service Charges and Taxes to an Invoice or Invoice TemplateLearn how to apply percentage based services charges and taxes to an invoice or invoice template in these step-by-step instructions
🎥 Applying Discounts on InvoicesVideo Tutorial: You can apply a percentage based discount or a specific dollar amount discount to each invoice
Platform Fees - Offsetting Service-Related CostsEnabling Platform Fees on your invoices can help you offset any service-related costs.
Removing or Hiding the Discount Line On An Invoice
Using the Notes Section of an Invoice or Invoice TemplateCommunicate what you need from your clients quickly and efficiently
🎥 Setting Up Automated Payment Reminders on Outstanding InvoicesVideo Tutorial: Setting up automatic payment reminders is easy. We'll show you how.
Recording, Deleting, or Refunding an Offline PaymentDid a client pay you by cash or check? Here's how to record, delete, or refund that payment on their invoice.
🎥 Deleting a Manually Recorded Payment on an InvoiceVideo Tutorial: Need to remove a recorded payment on an invoice? Here's how to remove it.
Closing An InvoiceNeed to Close an Invoice? We'll show you how here!
Reopening A Closed InvoiceNeed to reopen a closed invoice? Here's how!
How Will I Know When a Payment Has Been Made By A Client?We'll let you know once an invoice has been paid!
My Client Just Paid Me Online, What Next?We'll automatically transfer funds into your bank account
How Long Does It Take for an Online Payment to Hit My Bank Account?Credit card and ACH payment deposit dates will vary based on payment type and payment date. Learn more here.
Issuing RefundsLearn how to issue a refund to a client
Issuing Partial Refunds
When a refund cannot be made
Downloading an Invoice or Document as a PDFNot only can you download an invoice or document as a PDF, these instructions apply to downloading Studio Shares, Quotes, and Notes as well!
Deleting An InvoiceNeed to delete an invoice? We'll show you how here.
Editing Your Existing Bank Account for Your Merchant AccountHow to update bank account or business owner information for your merchant account through Aisle Planner.